Chinese Company Gave $5 Million ‘Forgivable’ Loan to Biden Family”: Emails

For some families, ‘public service’ pays very, very well. One of those families looks to be the Bidens.

According to an email sent to ‘Sinohawk’ CEO Tony Bobulinski, that has been provided to U.S. Senate investigators, a top official with the now-bankrupt Chinese energy company CEFC, offered to wire $10 million into an account. $5 million of that was to be designated as a non-secured, forgivable loan to the BD (Biden) family.

Peter Schweizer says this gives the Chinese significant leverage over the Biden family.

β€œIn a way, this would give CEFC greater leverage over the Biden family than simply giving them a gift or bribe because if they were dissatisfied with what the Bidens were doing they could ask for their money back,”

The email explains that $5 million is ‘interest-free’ and discusses whether there should be more loans like this to the Biden family once it’s used up.

Sean Davis, Co-Founder of The Federalist, pointed this out on Twitter.

How could this be? Just Thursday night in the debate Joe Biden swore he has never taken a dime from a foreign interest.

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3 thoughts on “Chinese Company Gave $5 Million ‘Forgivable’ Loan to Biden Family”: Emails”

  1. Lyin’ Bigot Biden. Of course there’d be a reason he keeps protecting China. I bet the Biden family cartel isn’t the only cartel or Washington criminal on China’s “loan” list (payroll).

  2. All I can say is he doesn’t deserve to be and isn’t physically qualified to be President. The thought that people will vote for him knowing this, is definitely scary. They don’t care who wins, just so Trump doesn’t.