DOJ Confirms 2019 Investigation into Hunter Biden and Associates Still Active

A DOJ official has confirmed to the Sinclair Group that the FBI opened an investigation into Hunter Biden in 2019 and that investigation remains active today.

After Tony Bobulinski went public with texts, emails, phone calls, and documents detailing the shady business deals between the Biden family and Russians, Ukraine, and Chinese military connected businesses, the FBI could no longer hide from the issue.

The investigation is said to have a focus on money laundering.

But Bobulinski says Joe Biden was involved and he is compromised by China.

The compromise they have is that in documents that have been well provided to the Senate, to Congress, to the Department of Justice via the FBI that CEFC was effectively loaning money directly to the Biden family.

Joe Biden has consistently claimed he was unaware of any of Hunter’s business deals but emails, texts, photos, and voicemails tell a very different story.

Recently during a debate, Joe Biden said “I have never taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life”.

However, “10% held by H for the big guy” also says Joe is lying.

And the deals apparently don’t stop with just a couple of countries. Bobulinski says China likely knows this and knows about the Bidens’ dealings around the world.

I can only imagine to the extent that the Chinese communist party has information on the Biden family and their business dealings. Other business dealings that occurred in Romania, Khazakstan, Georgia, Monaco and the Middle East, and then obviously topping off in Russia.

That would certainly make an elected official susceptible to blackmail.

Bobulinski was called in for an interview with the FBI shortly after going public on the Tucker Carlson show. He said he provide multiple cell phones and went over each piece of evidence with the FBI.

Joe Biden is certainly compromised but one has to wonder if the FBI is as well. They sat on this information all the way through a phony impeachment proceeding, knowing full well that Joe Biden was the guilty party. How much evidence does it take for the FBI to take action against a Democrat?

They went so far as to manufacture evidence against President Trump and his associates. Sitting on this evidence for over a year doesn’t bode well for the quickly falling reputation of the FBI.

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6 thoughts on “DOJ Confirms 2019 Investigation into Hunter Biden and Associates Still Active”

  1. So sad that our elected officials would allow family to do so wrong . The love of money causes so much evil. We pray for those in charge of governing to be honest. They need God in their lives.

  2. Why are we being given people running with such dirty backgrounds, no morals and socialist possibly communist connection running for office time after time?

  3. Wrote this for the news papers. Thought I’d share.

    Re: Biden/Harris and the Devil.


    Dear Editor,
    I’m no bible thumper but considering how abhorrent and ludicrous Joe Biden and his running mate for president Kamala Harris have become with their crazy cohorts like Speaker Nancy Pelosi who wants to have President Trump removed from office under the twenty-fifth amendment for being mentally unstable to lead, I wouldn’t have put it past them to put Almighty God on the ballot to make him or her run for the position of God.
    The Demon-crats would put up the Devil as their champion being totally ticked off at God for not being able to get rid of Trump. This would make sense to them because they couldn’t beat Trump so, why not god? I would bet that they would get a large portion of voters to buy what they have been trying to sell for years to make people subservient to government.
    Under the Obama administration Obama and Biden with their corrupt coconspirators colluded to stop Trump right from the get go with lies and deceit.
    Hillary Clinton conspired to commit treason by an act of sedition to overthrow the Trump administration with her phony dossier while at the same time Obama and Biden committed treason by definition selling out our country for aiding and giving comfort to our sworn enemy Iran when they returned one hundred and fifty billion dollars to them to kill Americans. If that isn’t giving the devil his due I don’t know what is.
    The above miscreants have no moral compass having lied about their intentions numerous times with video evidence shown on the Fox new channel.
    If the people want another dismal four years of suffering like we had under eight years of Obama, then we will all suffer under the Devil’s reign.

  4. DE-fund the FBI and give it to the police. Tired of FBI corruption and police incompetence. FBI needs to be arrested and cops need to learn to keep their fingers on the guard not the trigger

  5. I don’t believe the FBI was investigating the Biden family. They wanted Hunter’s laptop to glean evidence against Ho, the Chinese spy. Three of Hunter\s ‘associates’ have been convicted or have gone to prison, but the FBI has not called Hunter in for questioning? Looks like a cover-up to me.
    I will not have faith in the FBI until I see the whole Biden Cartel, and all their associates perp-walked in cuffs before a judge.
    I do believe there are MANY demonrats who were in on the Biden schemes to sell influence around the world, especially Pill-osi, Obummer, and Shiffty. Why else would they work SO HARD against Trump? Where’d Obummer get the $15-Mil for his new oceanside digs? Where’d Pill-osi get her $750,000 campaign ‘donation’? Why did Shiffty lie so much and hog the cameras for 4 years? How does Sleepy Joe afford $20,000 per month rent for the DC residence, or get the $6-Mil for the seaside mansion?
    If a politician goes into DC poor as a church mouse, and comes out super-rich, there’s corruption somewhere . . .