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FBI Refuses to Hand Over Info In Hunter Biden Investigations

The FBI is refusing to provide information that Congress and Senate have asked for, in relation to investigations that center around criminal activity of the Biden family overseas.

Last week, Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, who serves as the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, demanded the federal law enforcement agency provide answers on what actions it took, if any, upon reports from the Justice Department in 2015 that the owner of the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma paid a $7 million bribe to Ukraine officials to shut down an investigation. Hunter Biden is on Burisma’s board despite no prior experience in the industry.

A Senate investigation conclusion publicly revealed that those reports from the DOJ existed.

According to the report, the FBI has been aware of the allegations for years, but will not provide any answers as to whether they investigated it or not.

They won't say anything about it. As if it doesn't exist.

“Consistent with longstanding Department of Justice and FBI policy and practice, however, the FBI can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any ongoing investigation or persons or entities under investigation,” the FBI wrote, adding that it gave the same response to Johnson and Grassley.

Remember, this was from 2015. I can't imagine it takes 5 years to investigate. And Joe Biden is running to be our next POTUS.

That policy of not commenting on investigations didn't apply to the Trump Russia investigation, apparently.

The FBI almost ran as a public relations firm during the Russian investigation. James Comey even confirmed some Trump campaign officials were under investigation and accused of Russian collusion to interfere with the 2016 election, a claim we now know is false and so did the FBI at the time.

Will we get the truth? The President has ordered all Russian investigation and Hillary Email investigation docs declassified. But what if the FBI just says they won't hand em over?

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13 thoughts on “FBI Refuses to Hand Over Info In Hunter Biden Investigations”

  1. This is Bull Shit – We are the American People and believe it or not but the FBI works for US. Tell them to get up off of their ass and hand over the documents. I am so tired of all of the media-government and Democrats hiding everything that could be detrimental to their candidate. I just watched the Biden crap on OAN and how he managed to hide everting he did including all of the money laundering. This NEEDS to be EXPOSED!!

  2. If they don’t hand over the documents start with firing Wray and then go from there and then go down the line until you get the documents. I think Wray had alot to do with the Hillary documents and all the other treasousness acts that have taken place.

  3. The Department of Justice comes under the Executive Branch, which means the president is it head and he assigns who he wants to head it. He can fire any or all of those in the department and put his own people in their, if he wishes, Reagan did it and others have replace some, but not all. President Trump is one of the few who has not replaced anybody other then the department head. Most of the department heads left their departments as they were, A big mistake as we are seeing now.

  4. The director of the FBI needs to be removed from his job, he also cant seem to find any info , ad to whom is paying BLM to set fires etc., but they can find who is going to kidnap the Gov. Of mich.

  5. DOJ and the Secret Service goes to the FBI, and gets the Doc’s…. Dir. of the FBI gets FIRED !!!! The FBI dir needs needs to remember WHO HE WORKS FOR !!!!

  6. There is a lot more people involved in the corruption then we know about. If they don’t hand over the info before they destroy it Trump should fire all involved immediately they people are tired of all the shit that happened and what they are getting away with. If any of us did these things we would already be in jail. Why can’t we get any justice especially from the organization like the fbi or have they always been corrupt. If we call FBI about scam info they won’t even answer the phone.

  7. Christopher Wray is protecting himself and the deep-state operatives in the FBI. I wish Trump would fire his sorry ass. He was not elected, but acts like he controls the country. He’s in league with the demons.

  8. I can’t believe the last administration, and I mean all of Obama’s staff for both terms have not been hand cuffed and walked right to jail. So corrupt!