Former FBI Official Wants Bipartisan Commission to Vet Candidates Like Trump

A former top FBI official wants to create a ‘bipartisan’ commission to vet presidential candidates so that someone like Trump cannot win again.

“We got this wrong, and this can’t happen again,” said Frank Figliuzzi, who was briefly the assistant director of the FBI under President Obama.

The former FBI guy goes back to the old script and says Trump is entangled with Russia and Russian organized crime, but he provides no evidence and no evidence was found by his FBI, only fabricated.

Figliuzzi also suggested that the media didn't dig deeply enough to uncover the dirt on Trump during the 2016 election.

He once called for an investigation into Devin Nunes when Nunes was set to release a memo that exposed FBI corruption on Figliuzzi's watch.

Figliuzzi, now a national security contributor for NBC News, once called for a criminal investigation of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) when he was the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and was set to release a memo on the FBI’s surveillance abuse. Corrupt current and former members of the intelligence community, and their allies in the media deeply opposed the January 2018 publication of the Nunes memo, arguing disingenuously that it was misleading and would compromise “sources and methods.”

That same memo was confirmed by the IG report in 2019.

Now you know why he wanted Nunes investigated. They try to derail anyone who investigates them. Take a look at Flynn.

In August of 2019, Figliuzzi on MSNBC compared Trump supporters to members of a terrorist organization and floated a conspiracy theory that Trump was sending out secret coded signals to white supremacists.

Of course he works for NBC.

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