Fox News Media: Nobody Could Have Done Better Than Chris Wallace

Welcome to 2020.

The Hill’s Joe Concha posted a joint memo issued by Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace:

We’d like to take a moment to thank and congratulate Chris Wallace for moderating last night’s extraordinary debate. We are extremely proud of his professionalism, skill and fortitude in a unique situation while doing everything possible to hold both candidates accountable. NO moderator could have managed a debate of that magnitude better than Chris.

Professionalism, skill, and fortitude?

It seems that some of the Fox News other hosts have a different opinion.

Laura Ingraham said:

"Trump is debating the moderator and Biden"

Greg Gutfield retweeted Stephen Miller's post that said:

"Wallace is grilling Trump on his supporters taking to the streets when antifa is burning businesses down right now."

All the while Chris Wallace asked President Trump if he would 'denounce White Supremacy' as if he's been holding out.

Here are 20 times President Trump has previously denounced White Supremacy.

Wallace must have forgotten to force Biden to denounce Antifa, the group actually burning cities to the ground and shooting people in the streets.

Wallace, on the other had, lays the blame elsewhere and says:

 "Generally speaking, I did as well as I could, so I don't have any second thoughts there. I'm just disappointed with the results. For me, but much more importantly, I'm disappointed for the country, because it could have been a much more useful evening than it turned out to be."


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26 thoughts on “Fox News Media: Nobody Could Have Done Better Than Chris Wallace”

  1. Unfortunately, Chris Wallace’s professionalism did not come through but his true colors did!…very disappointing for someone I used to have a great deal of respect for.

  2. I am sorry but I will not agree with Fox on this !! Wallace was soft on Biden and everyone saw it. He was biased for Biden, I have lost respect for Fox news and will not watch Wallace anymore. You are treating our President with no respect. The only people left on Fox that defend our President and his family is Tucker, Hannity and Laura!!

  3. Wallace was a disgrace. Compare his questions to Trump as opposed to Bidens. He never let the President respond to awful and untrue statements by Biden. He may think he did ok but many of us saw it much differently. He was totally biased.

  4. IMHO he stunk!
    The worst moderator I have ever seen. He incited the entire and added fuel to the in tire debate. In fact this wasn’t a debate Wallace did not even ask either candidate what they planed for the future of the country or the citizens.

  5. Chris Wallace embarrassed himself, but more than that, he embarrassed Fox News. I was disgusted by his obvious bias and his inability to be partial and fair.

    His behavior has caused me to question my opinions regarding Fox News, and whether I can trust the network to be truthful and impartial. Did they forget, “we report, you decide” ?

  6. Chris Wallace clearly helped Biden by answering questions for him and running interference when Biden didn’t want to or couldn’t answer the questions by changing the subject. Furthermore, his questions set the President up to be attacked and be on the defense. I have never liked Wallace’s snarky attitude and don’t even know why he has the position he does.

  7. He was obviously biased. He even prompted Biden on his own plan when he faltered. He allowed Biden to show no respect for a sitting president and he himself was disgusting. If not for the other commentators on Fox I like I would cease watching immediately. I never watch him!!!

  8. Chris Wallace was a disaster. It was two against one. He lost control early gave Trump gotcha questions and Biden had softballs. The one tough one on packing the court and the filibuster was asked, Biden talked about everything else but that and Wallace made no attempt to press him. Never asked about Hunter or China, yet challenged Trump on the tax issue. Wallace is as liberal as his Father was.

  9. Chris Wallace is without a doubt NOT a Trump fan, he continually interrupted the President and, most of the time did not interrupt VP Biden. Today after the news that the President and First Lady were positive for Covid he went on a tear about the President not wearing masks etc. It is obvious that he is a Democrat and would rather see Biden win. Fox should fire him not praise him
    Another liberal journalist that lets their bias come through.

  10. Chris Wallace bated and debated the President. He didn’t ask Biden any tough questions regarding Antifa . He was a disgrace as a “moderator “ and I was not surprised by his actions.

  11. Chris Wallace’s moderator performance was disgraceful and owes the people who watched a serious apology. He exhibited significant bias against Donald Trump and allowed Biden to avoid answering questions directed to him. Biden stood there continuously lying, while calling Trump names and telling him to shut up. Wallace has always been a supporter of Democrats and he has become such a blatant liberal now that I refuse to watch any Fox News program that includes any involvement of Chris Wallace. The so called “non-partisan” debate commission should never have selected Wallace as a moderator because of his historically proven bias against Republican politicians.

  12. Chis Wallace is a joke. He is so impressed with himself and his “great”( NOT) questions he never would follow up on what was said or God forbid question Biden with a hard question. He is really a Democrat masking at being impartial. Fox needs to dump him!!! He thinks we are stupid.
    I watch Fox 24/7 and find Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannedy, Judge Jeannine , Laura Ingram, Greg Gutfield and The Five to be fabulous shows. They do not treat you as being stupid. And, I love how they show you the videos of what Biden, Harris and others really said and, showing you the riots as they are taking place. CNN and MSNBC do not show them or tell you the truth. They are the liars, they are the ones who insult our intelligence.


  13. I can’t stand your idiot Chris Wallace… even FOX is against President Trump. SHAME ON YOU FOX!!! You’re getting as bad as CNN FAKE NEWS DEEP STATE! If it weren’t for Hannity, Judge Jennine, Carlson and a few others, I would SHIT CAN FOX MANAGEMENT as I have done for the other FAKE NEWS media. I’ve switched to America One!!! GO TRUMP… WE LOVE YOU – SHIT ON FOX MANAGEMENT- THEY CAN GO TO HELL!!!

  14. I can’t stand your idiot Chris Wallace… even FOX is against President Trump. SHAME ON YOU FOX!!! You’re getting as bad as CNN FAKE NEWS DEEP STATE! If it weren’t for Hannity, Judge Jennine, Carlson and a few others, I would SHIT CAN FOX MANAGEMENT as I have done for the other FAKE NEWS media. I’ve switched to America One!!! GO TRUMP… WE LOVE YOU – SH*T ON FOX MANAGEMENT- THEY CAN GO TO H*LL!!!

  15. You had a difficult task, but you did not handle it well . I believe there was bias shown in your attitude toward President Trump. You are a registered Democrat and that should have ruled you out in the beginning! The commission can and should do a better job in choosing moderators. The next choice is no better – maybe worse. He worked for Biden before!

  16. Are you kidding???
    He had no control and helped Biden whenever he could!!

    Fox has been my go to for news, but not anymore.

  17. Wallace showed his bias and was awful. I don’t know if it was professional courtesy or direction of leadership at Fox to not criticize Wallace. I watch the Fox Business channel throughout the day and not one said anything about how Wallace performed. I even watched Hannity to see if he would call out Wallace for bias. Nope! And I thought I could trust Fox.

    To provide some proof of bias and how bad Wallace was as a moderator, I’ll provide this. At one point Wallace asked Biden if he called mayors and/or governors about violence in Portland or Kenosha and Biden said since he doesn’t hold any office, it wouldn’t have been appropriate. Wallace just let that slide. Instead, he should have pressed Biden and asked, “Given your answer about why you chose not to call any mayors or governors, please explain why you decided it was important to call Jacob Blake?”

  18. Expectations for Wallace were low and he didn’t come close. I Don’t know what you watched but I watched a biased, disgraceful performance and almost everyone agreed. It was 2 to 1. I think k Wallace should be fired and I refuse to watch anything he’s involved with. You’re right about one thing. Nobody could have done better. You should have hired nobody. I

  19. Wallace was not fair to the President! Everyone knows how biased he was for Biden!! Fox is turning on the President and the people know it. Don’t respect Wallace at all and all the hype Fox gave about him being the right person to moderate is a joke. Americans are not stupid like you think!! It is amazing to me how Wallace and John Roberts are such cry babies and yet Trump gets tongue lashed everyday by reporters and that is suppose to be o.k. If these reporters can’t take ithe heat get out of the kitchen!!!

  20. Fox News Media: If you really think that display was professionalism, skill and fortitude, then Fox News is indeed doomed.
    Chris Wallace and Fox News Media leadership ought to be embarrassed by that display.