Giuliani: More Biden Docs of Personal and Financial Crimes By Biden Family

Rudy Giuliani is no stranger to fighting organized crime. He waged a war on the mob in New York City…and won. He became internationally known as the ‘Mob Buster’.

It seems he’s not done. Giuliani was trusted enough by a computer repair shop owner to be given the contents of a hard drive that belonged to Hunter Biden until Hunter didn’t pay the bill and left it to the shop. Then it became the shop owner’s property.

That is how we’ve gotten to where we are at with the ‘bombshells’ dropping on the Bidens.

And it sounds like it’s just the beginning.

Giuliani announced that he will be providing more information to the public, from the hard drive on just one of Hunter Biden’s laptops.

That information includes not just financial crimes but personal crimes, according to reporting by Jim Hoft.

Steve Bannon: In the next 24-48 hours are you going to bring forward potential other information related to non-financial criminal activity?

Rudy Giuliani: We’re going to do both. There will be more financial criminal activity, more proof on the subjects we already have and even bigger deals that are eye-popping. And some personal conduct that has to be brought to the attention of the public to make sure people are safe. And that has to be handled appropriately before it can be discussed.

Steve Bannon: Do you believe that personal activity is criminal?

Rudy Giuliani: I have no doubt it is. All you have to do is look at it and figure that is true.

He also said he would be sharing some of it with Maria Bartiromo and should be out sometime Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

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