How Do You Feel About a COVID Vaccine Mandate?

Joe Biden is open to the idea of a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine, he told viewers of a townhall style event on Thursday night.

Biden was asked whether he would consider a mandate for the vaccine.

“It depends on the state of the nature of the vaccine when it comes out and how’s it being distributed,” Biden said, adding that he will judge a mandate based on the efficacy of a vaccine.

Biden then began criticizing President Trump’s response to the outbreak, saying he didn’t take it seriously enough.

Although, many would remember that Joe Biden himself, criticized the travel ban and called the President a racist and xenophobic. During this time, Democrats were focused on a bogus impeachment effort.

But he got back to the issue of the virus and said we should be talking about a mandate for the vaccine.

Biden says we “should be talking about” mandating the vaccine, knowing that it’s difficult to enforce. But likewise, he says, it’s difficult to enforce a mask mandate, though scientists suggest they slow the spread.

“You can go to every governor and get them in a room,” he says. “The words of a president matter, no matter whether they’re good, bad or indifferent, they matter.”

Although he acknowledged it would be hard to enforce, it sounds like he's thought about how to do just that...or someone did.

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14 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About a COVID Vaccine Mandate?”

  1. I will NOT take it for at least 5 years. I get the flu shot every year. They need to work out this vaccine before they ever mandate any damn thing

  2. Welcome to democracy, Biden/Harris style. Expect a Monthly Mandate: masks, vaccines, taxes, gun confiscation, food distribution, wages, environmental policy….ad infinitum!! Joe, as part of the Obama/Clinton Consortium, already knows you are a deplorable, incapable of decision or direction, so the government MUST mandate …for your own welfare.

    Joe has but one philosophy: Success is the sole earthly judge of right or wrong. His record attests that he will say anything, do anything & it’s all ok if he wins. Btw, the “sole earthly judge” quote comes from a fellow named Adolph Hitler; welcome to Joe’s corrosive style.

    I moved to DE in 1971 & have followed Biden’s entire career. He’s like a painting with things hidden behind the canvas. What you see is NOT what you get!!!

  3. I feel each person should be able to make their own decision. I am NOT for a mandate, especially if it comes from Biden. I do not trust anything he says.

  4. I think The Bigot would “judge a mandate based on” what kind of tracking or other demon-signature he can have added to it. The demons have used the COVID scare to accomplish draconian dreams, and used panic-porn to keep them in place. The actions of the pandemic has shown the demons that the public can be controlled, and now they hate the idea of giving it up.
    I would not trust any ‘mandatory’ vaccine issued by a demon. The COVID-19 was produced in a lab to target the U.S. elder-population who are typically the most often conservative by aged-nature (experience taught them to be).
    If the original virus can be manipulated once, it can be manipulated twice.
    Vaccines are dependent upon virus to be made in the first place. Who’s to say the virus used to produce a vaccine isn’t altered to act as another population control?
    There’s also no need to vaccinate people who have had the virus and gotten over it (unless the “testing” is also a scam).

  5. The vaccine should be optional. People should be able to decide their own level of risk. More people die from auto accidents in our state than from the virus yet no-one is mandating that people stop driving. The covid mandates are 90% political sham and 10 % where there is a legitimate concern.

  6. It is wrong and unjust to force citizens of a Republic to be injected with chemicals and aborted fetal cells! We are Americans and if some choose to get the vaccine then that’s great, but if free citizens choose not to get the vaccine then their choice should also be respected! What happened to “My body my choice”? Government should NOT have this kind of power!!!