Only in 2020: Black Chairman of Proud Boys Disputes White Supremacy Label

During the first Presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace looked to have provide cover for the Democrat Presidential nominee, Joe Biden.

One key instance is where Wallace asked President Trump if he would, right now, condemn White Supremacy, as if he hadn’t already done it at least 20 times on TV.

Wallace to Trump:

“You have repeatedly criticized the Vice President for not specifically calling out antifa and other left-wing extremist groups. But are you willing, tonight, to condemn white supremacists and militia groups?”

Wallace added that the President needed to ask them to stand down and not add to the violence.

Trump: “Sure, what do you want me to call them. Give me a name”

Biden interjected and said “Proud Boys”.

President Trump said:  “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”

But there’s a big problem with this.

If the Proud Boys are a white supremacy group, they’re doing it all wrong.

The International Chairman is a Black and Hispanic man named Enrique Tarrio and many members are Black men and Hispanic men.

“We’ve been called many names, but probably the most inaccurate name you can call us is white supremacists,” Tarrio said. “I’m a person of color, I’m a brown person, I’m chairman of the organization.”

The group appears to be racially diverse.

Well this is the weirdest white supremacy group I've ever seen.

Despite the media's insistence that Trump somehow encouraged the Proud Boys by telling them to stand down, the chairman Enrique Tarrio says the group will stand down after Trump's remarks.

The media lies are simply out of control.

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One thought on “Only in 2020: Black Chairman of Proud Boys Disputes White Supremacy Label”

  1. You look on google and they label them racist. My family is mixed and I have seen nothing about them racist. They support America and our President, like my family. OH SILLY ME, I FORGOT CNN SAYS YOU ARE A RACIST IF YOU ARE PRO AMERICA AND PRO TRUMP.