The Question Everyone is Quietly Asking About William Barr

The Trump administration took over in January 2017 and, despite all the distractions and attacks from the left, has had many successes.

President Trump has just been nominated, for a third time, for a Nobel Peace Prize. His successes where all other presidents, in modern history, failed has led to nominations from leaders across the globe.

The Trump administration has tackled hundreds of miles of border wall construction despite continued resistance from the left and even some on the establishment right. His administration has dealt blow after blow to human, drug, and sex trafficking. William Barr’s DOJ has done well, here.

Yet there is one question everyone is still asking about his administration and, more specifically, his Attorney General William Barr.

Will any high-level orchestrators of the 'coup attempt' be punished?

To date, there has been one indictment and guilty plea of an FBI lawyer resulting from Durham's investigation.

That's hardly the guy responsible.

The 2019 OIG report from Horrowitz on the FBI handling of the Russian collusion probe points the finger at many others above him. Criminal referrals have been made to Barr's DOJ and it seems like they have almost all been declined for prosecution.

A new OIG report was quietly dropped late last week that outlined major abuses relating to the FBI granting access to the NSA database to outside contractors. Outside contractors were able to access classified NSA data on Americans.

It was issued as a 'management advisory' and demands to know what steps have been taken to resolve the issues, within the next 90 days.

The FISA abuses, as outlined here, were also dealt with by an almighty slap on the wrist and described as "lack of candor".

Almost every time the FBI is called out and ordered to produce documents to either confirm or defend against the allegations, they say they've been deleted. In many instances by 'accident'. Sometimes they lied even about that, according to Judicial Watch filings.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe just declassified a document that shows Hillary Clinton, Obama, and James Comey all knew that the Russian collusion charges were bogus and a concocted distraction from her email scandal.

If Maria Bartiromo's recent announcement is right, it doesn't look good for justice to be served.

AG Barr has said all the right things, but actions speak louder than words and so far the DOJ's actions have been akin to putting a child in timeout for 15 minutes and telling them not to do it again.

Unless, of course, your name is Michael Flynn.

It's clear there have been two very different standards of justice at the FBI and DOJ.

Will that change or are they kicking the can down the road in hopes that a next president will sweep this all under the rug?

It's a tall order for William Barr but the country needs justice.

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7 thoughts on “The Question Everyone is Quietly Asking About William Barr”

  1. What is the problem. Start with some low level fruit, squeeze them with indictments; all you need is one to testify that Comey was briefed for Him to be charged with lying to Congress ( the world knows He did ).

  2. I believe that this upcoming election will solve the problem or continue the mess that we have had for 12 years. It looks like the dems will BURN this country down. Heaven help us all……

  3. Trump seems to be able to get the balls rolling, but they stop after about 6 feet. He can’t do it by himself.