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Trump: It’s Time for the Truth to Come Out

Late Tuesday night, President Trump signaled that he’s had enough of the Intelligence Agency games.

After years of mainstream media claiming there is ‘hard evidence’ of Trump/Russia collusion and no evidence to back it up, other than what became proven lies, President Trump says it’s time for the world to see what really happened.

FBI Director Christopher Wray and CIA Director Gina Haspel are rumored to have been blocking the release of the documents and are said to be the ones sitting and waiting for Trump to lose in November so this can all go away.

Not anymore.

DNI John Ratcliffe has since released more documents showing that then-CIA Director John Brennan had briefed President Obama and they all knew the Russian collusion narrative was a campaign stunt from the Hillary Clinton campaign to divert attention away from the Clinton email server scandal.

So, what was so important on those emails that a "Treason" scandal had to be created?

While the President has ordered declassification of all Russian collusion and Hillary Clinton email related documents, I'm sure the Intelligence Agencies will come up with some way of stalling the actual release.

Will these documents ever see the light of day?

Don't the American people deserve the truth after the last 4 years?

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3 thoughts on “Trump: It’s Time for the Truth to Come Out”

  1. Hitler-y and Slick Willy were bought-n-paid-for by so much foreign influence and globalist corporate power-mongers it’s mind-boggling. To the normal people, it’s probably not going to make much difference what is actually found in those e-mails (if they’re ever published), or in the shuffle to hide all that she did to cover it up.
    Most cognitive Americans don’t think highly of either Clinton, and especially Hitler-y.
    If she had simple gone away quietly, she’d probably have retired without speculation. But, she’s spoiled drunk on the power and influence-peddling, and can’t let go because of pride or stupidity; so she’ll just have to endure what comes next. She’s earned it. Slick Willy may finally be free of her, so he can chase the teenie-boppers around some donor’s private island (if he can find someone willing to put up with him, or if some of his past cohorts are not locked up).
    The Senate Intel committee is run by RINOs and Demons with a dose of Conservatives (who can’t wield much influence and constantly get out-voted). Wray has hid evidence, and Haspel dodges and stalls. Wray locked away needed documents to free Flynn that can’t be seen even by the President for 25 years. Imagine that kind of power. Who was he protecting? I can’t remember, but it was a woman FBI agent who could point to the evil behind who did what to Flynn. Maybe that’s why Comey is so smug these days . . . Haspel and Wray should stand trial and any Senator who stalled or hid any parts of the e-mail crap investigation should be hanged.
    If Trump is not re-elected, all of these redacted documents will be destroyed, and none of the ‘perps’ will ever be prosecuted. Washington will go back to normal, while those who supported Trump will pay dearly.

  2. I think it is past time to start talk about the issues that our country is facing and stop acting like a child. I have been a Republican supporter for years. Whereas I no longer feel comfortable for supporting the nonsense coming from our existing president, I can only hope that those running for the Congress or Senate Republicans separate themselves from the President so perhaps they can maintain the senate majority and Congress as that is the only way to avoid us going very socialistic!

  3. Trump should be exonerated and Hillary should have been exposed and impeached at the time. She watched virtually in real time thre murder of our ambassador who was going to exposed the running of guns. Biden is all part of this coverup.