Yelp to Add “Accused of Racism” Warnings to Businesses

This is crazy and dangerous.

Yelp decided that the reviews on the pages of a business itself are not enough. It will now implement a warning for businesses that have been accused of racism on it’s review service. Not confirmed, just an “uptick” of reviews (that anyone can write).

It’s not a label you’re going to scroll by and miss, either.

Yelp will have the ability to potentially destroy a business, based on accusations. Once accused of racist behavior, Yelp will step in with a default to a "Public Attention Alert" that Yelp introduced in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. That's for starters.

With an unusual uptick of reviews, they will place a "Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert" warning on the business.

Now, when a business gains public attention for reports of racist conduct, such as using racist language or symbols, Yelp will place a new Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert on their Yelp page to inform users, along with a link to a news article where they can learn more about the incident.

That 'news article' looks like it is written by Yelp, from their example, and includes the reviews of its users.

How do they know the reviews aren't fake? Well, it's their policy that you write reviews based on first-hand experiences, so... surely nobody would abuse that.

Imagine a group of BLM supporters leaving false reviews on your business. Yelp then slaps your page with a "Business Accused of Racist Behavior" label - and you can watch traffic to your business slow down. Perhaps you'll get a first-hand seat to it being burned down.

This could perform almost as a "Bat Signal" for BLM or Antifa rioters. Once a business is accused, the label gets slapped on them, and guess where the riots show up. And the media would likely support the rioters like they've done this entire year. Now the racist narrative of your business comes alive and takes over. People may even cheer the destruction of your business.

After all, who's going to miss a racist business?

If you're a business owner, does this worry you?

I think it should. Anyone could be labeled. Yelp will get to decide, kind of like Facebook, what's true.


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9 thoughts on “Yelp to Add “Accused of Racism” Warnings to Businesses”

  1. The is the worst, most asinine, thing to happen. What’s stopping a business from claiming this against its competitors to knock them out of business??? What’s stopping a disgruntled employee from spewing lies against his current or past employer?? This reminds me of the Salem witch trials of long ago, anyone was able to point a finger and accuse innocent people, unfortunately, people lost their lives due to evil lies and innuendos. I would have to have facts based on truth and NOT lying accusations before I would believe it!!!

  2. The McDonald’s in O’Fallon, Illinois should be on that list. I was called a racial slur On Saturday October 10th by the manager and flipped off with both handd.

  3. I have been a long time user of Yelp. If they do this, I will delete my app and recommend that my family and friends do the same. It’s sad that they would stoop so low as to lable people like that.

  4. Yelp can shove this policy up their ass. I’ve been surrounded and harassed by BLM protesters. They called me a white mother fucker, and accused me of being part of the KKK, for no reason other than I was white. They stood there with their bullhorns and cursed in my face while they danced around me while at the same time giving me the finger. This is what BLM is all about. They are toxic and vile. And they don’t give a shit about black people. They are a group of white haters – this notion that White against black racism is so prevalent is total BS. It’s the black hatred of whites that we should be calling out . And let’s remind the black population- if you get pulled over, do what the officer tell you to do, so you don’t become a threat!

  5. It’s very scary that your business unfairly could be tagged with this. There has to be a way to protect yourself against fake claims.

  6. Look out, Yelp!
    Lawsuits may bankrupt you!
    Your threatened actions to businesses will be the cause of more unrest In our already divided country!