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Here are the Biden Family Crimes They’re Hiding From You – Rudy

Rudy Giuliani, on his YouTube channel, lays out the crimes that the media is hiding from the people regarding the Biden family. These are crimes that are laid out on the hard drive of Hunter’s laptop.

Rudy starts with describing how President Obama appointed Joe Biden as point man for Ukraine. He then explains how the real dollar figure for the Hunter Biden “no-show” job (with no experience) tallied up to about $14-$15 million.

Then there is Russia. Not the Russian collusion story you’ve heard, but the story of the Hunter Biden business getting a $3.5 million wire transfer from the wife of the Mayor of Moscow. Then there are 2 other payments from her..

“They’re not just friends with Putin, they’re making money with him.”

About 13 minutes in Rudy starts to explain what happened in China. Joe Biden was appointed ‘point man’ for China as well.

Joe Biden takes Air Force 2 to China with Hunter Biden. Your tax dollars pay for this, by the way. Hunter Biden secured a $1 Billion payment from China to his private equity fund (another no-show business). Yes, 1 Billion dollars.

Hunter’s China business was partnered with John Kerry’s son and, get this, Whitey Bulger’s nephew.

Hunter was on tape bragging about doing business with the richest man in China and Patrick Ho (Hunter refers to Ho as the China Spy Chief).

So, the Vice President’s family is getting ungodly amounts of money from a business deal with the Chinese Spy Chief and the Chinese Energy business  (CEFC) they did business with is well known as a front company for the Chinese Intelligence operation.

Could a person be any more compromised?

Watch the whole clip below.

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2 thoughts on “Here are the Biden Family Crimes They’re Hiding From You – Rudy”

  1. I do not like everything the President says. I do not like everything The President says. I voted for him after I saw the ticket the democrats put up: A Presidential candidate who, if not complicit in the acts, facilitated his son in shady deals with the two largest communist led countries in the world for millions, if not billions of dollars.

    Of course, everyone in the country who is not whacked out on dope knows that Biden is unlikely to last three months then will give way to a woman who is miles to the left of Bernie Sanders.