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Michigan AG Threatens Prosecution for Reporter Showing Election Fraud Video

Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit, broke a story late Monday night in which the Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel, sent out a Cease & Desist letter to Big League Politics over a reporter who published a video of poll workers bragging about their training to commit voter fraud.

In the letter, it says if he doesn’t comply he will face criminal prosecution.

Shane Trejo, the reporter who broke the story, was also a witness to voter fraud according to Gateway Pundit.

Trejo says he's fearful of revenge prosecution where they'll use his story as a pretext for other criminal charges as he's going up against the establishment mob.

In the shocking letter dated Oct. 28, the Michigan Attorney General cites to two or three factual errors in the bulk of Trejo’s reporting and demands on behalf of the Michigan government to take every single article related to #DetroitLeaks off the internet.

Jim Hoft posted a copy of the Cease & Desist letter, here.

The #DetroitLeaks reporting shows Detroit poll workers who were trained in how to lietrained on how to handle ballot challenges from Trump supporters, told to call 911 on any challengers and to use COVID as an excuse to deny poll challengers access to view the ballots as they were being counted and tabulated.

The leaks also reveal that election workers would treat challenged ballots as regular ballots. This could be very problematic in a Supreme Court challenge if they cannot identify challenged ballots. It is unknown what the court will do if the laws were not followed but there isn't a clear remedy to sort them out.

This action gives credence to the claims that Democrat lawmakers are turning our election and judicial system into that of a Banana Republic.

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4 thoughts on “Michigan AG Threatens Prosecution for Reporter Showing Election Fraud Video”

  1. Once the faked ballots are mingled in with real ballots, it’s almost impossible to catch it. That’s the main reason the demon-held districts are fighting so hard right now. They extended the voting season, and their tabulators are not “scheduled” to finish. They do not want any overseer until after they’ve mixed all the ballots up together. Not all demons were fastidious in their fakery, as some ballots have already been caught showing only The Bigot’s name checked and nothing else; or wrong dates/no dates/or wrong birthdays/no signatures, and there’s evidence of ballots being run through machines more than once. The demons know they may have to sacrifice a few of their minions who “helped” cheat the people’s vote, but that’s a small price to pay for their socialist agenda. Their minions are happy to offer up their lives if needed. But even if some go to jail, and a recount is ordered, there may still be too many votes for The Bigot. But, the faked and mass-mailed votes were only a thinly-veiled scheme to use as conflict and cover; so the CIA could get their Hammer and Scorecard software in use to steal the electronic votes.

  2. Every conservative should immediately stop what you are doing and write a letter to the President, to support a full audit of all 50 states. Newsmax reported the President is requesting physical (snail mail) letters to flood the Whitehouse mailroom as evidence for the SCOTUS of a nation enraged over how the election was held. Trump has been censored by Twitter Facebook etc., and even electronic mail. Every legal voter in your household should send a letter. If you voted, send a letter. Tell all your family and friends. The evidence NEEDS to be overwhelming.
    Imagine what 72,000,000+ physical letters would look like on the floor of the SCOTUS!

    SEND TO:
    President Donald J Trump,
    c/o The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Washington DC 20500.