This Is Outrageous!

The Trump campaign says they are filing a lawsuit in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania as well, and it looks like for good reason.

The sketchy details of huge turnarounds in favor of Biden, overnight, in swing states raised some eyebrows. They all happened to be in swing states that stopped counting votes and seemingly shut out election observers.

After over 138,000 votes showed up in Michigan numbers overnight, every single one for Biden, FiveThirtyEight noted another 100% Biden vote dump happened in Philly.

This, after the Pennsylvania Attorney General posted this notice on Twitter, directing any voter looking for advice to the PA Democrat Party hotline.

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence isn't buying it.

Then there's David Litt, former Obama Speechwriter, asking for volunteers in Georgia to go around and help people "fix" their mail-in ballots with a link to the GA Democrat Party Ballot Cure Canvassing Training site... on Wednesday, November 4th. Yes, one day after the election.

Matt Finn posted the scene at a Detroit absentee ballot counting center.

And, here is Eric Trump posting a video of people rolling suitcases and coolers into the secure ballot counting area in Detroit at 4 a.m.

There have been many claims of Republican certified election observers not being allowed to observe vote counts.

If this is normal, we have a big problem.

If this is not normal, we have a big problem.

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3 thoughts on “This Is Outrageous!”

  1. This is a takeover, the Dems are literally steeling the election. It’s a coup, for four years the CIA, FBI, Clinton’s have tried to remove this President and couldn’t. This is their plan to stop the vote counting, use the mail in just passed law and insert thousands of fake ballots!
    WAKE UP AMERICA, we’ve all been had!

  2. I think president Trump won and the Democrats have done a lot of illegal things to change it, we as US citizens will not accept Biden as our president, it is illegal what they have done!!!

  3. The demons started manufacturing ballots as soon as their plandemic was enacted. They encouraged states to hold mass-mail-in-voting to cure those fake ballots. They are convinced the general public is too stupid to see what they intend to do. All the ‘unconfirmed’ states still “counting ballots” knew where the vote was headed by the end of election day; because they DO COUNT as votes are received. Their COMPUTERS do it for them.
    Georgia’s Fulton County “shut down” because “a water pipe broke”. Very conveniently, to allow them to “continue counting” the next day. Now they’ve magically ‘found’ boatloads of Biden ballots.
    I assume it’s the same in the other yet-to-be-called states.
    The ‘surprise, surprise we found more” ballot “dumps” ALL identically for Biden and Harris is mathematically impossible.
    But, they do think we are stupid . . .