America’s Insistence On Throwing Her Pearls to Swine

In a country with a founding document that begins with “We the people…”, it could be assumed that individual liberty and self-governance would be the status quo. Throughout the vast majority of American history, that has been the case.

The United States has certainly been the longest-running and most successful experiment in human freedom ever devised.

And that may all be coming to a close, as the more natural instincts of wanting to be taken care of, or wanting safety, have taken over. As the saying goes freedom isn’t free.

According to Fox News, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released updated guidance this past week on mask wearing for children at summer camp; and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also piled on with their recommendation that children age 2 and up wear masks.

This guidance comes despite the extremely low risk of COVID to this age group, and no evidence to support that masking children will lead to better public health outcomes.

How have Americans come to accept the premise that unelected health bureaucrats can determine whether or not a 2-year-old can breathe unencumbered? Or the premise that any one's right to show their face in public is contingent on receiving an experimental injection?

Perhaps reasonably so, there is a common misconception that the government grants us our rights, or gives us permission to do this or that. Throughout history, societies have operated in this way. The creation of the American republic brought with it a massive paradigm shift; The people have rights given by God, and government has no right to take them away.

We the people have long forgotten the power granted to us. Today, the average American goes happily along with whatever they are told, seemingly without limits. This course must be reversed if America hopes to regain any semblance of her former liberty.

The people must regain what is their birthright as American citizens, and reject these “guidelines” and edicts that trample over freedom in the name of “safety”. Or as Benjamin Franklin once put it, we will get neither.



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