Racism in the Ranks: Forced Indoctrination within the Military


Critical Race Theory (CRT) has infiltrated every level of society, and our armed forces are no exception. Adherents to this and other anti-American theories hold that the United States is an inherently racist nation and distinguishes between races as the oppressed and the oppressors.

From our schools and universities to our workplaces, the racist ideals of CRT have taken the form of mandatory training and forced indoctrination; its effects are becoming apparent in large organizations like our nation’s military.

Military members are called to pledge allegiance to their nation in the form of service and defense of their country. In March of this year, Republican Senator Tom Cotton introduced the “Combatting Racist Military Training Act” in response to the prevalence of these ideas within the military.

Theories such as CRT “encourage people to judge and treat others differently on the basis of their race” and “teach students to distrust and even hate their country and fellow citizens.”

That such philosophies can prove a detriment to the ability of military members to fulfill their oaths of office should be obvious. The Federalist reports this week, however, on a growing number of whistleblower complaints regarding extremist and diversity trainings within the military.

Senator Cotton notes 28 different complaints submitted by service members to a public whistleblower site set up by himself and Representative Dan Crenshaw of Texas.

In his memorandum to the Armed Forces Committee, Cotton cited multiple complaints regarding soldiers forced to watch videos about systemic racism and other examples of service members forced to participate in “privilege walks” (an activity in which participants are asked to “step forward” based on different privileges afforded them on the basis of sex, gender, and various socioeconomic factors).

In a June 10 Q&A session with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Senator Cotton reported, “One African-American officer disparagingly said, and I quote, the Navy thinks my only value is as a black woman, and not the fact that she is a highly-trained military specialist.” Cotton also shared that “Yet another Army officer relayed to us the words of his general officer who told him that the entire U.S. Army is racist.”

Not surprisingly, these and other reports of forced indoctrination and discrimination throughout the armed forces are linked to a decline in morale and a “growing mistrust between the races and sexes,” leading to “unexpected retirements and separations.”

Theories like CRT have no place in our military, and the ill effects of forcibly indoctrinating members of our armed forces may be realized too late.


Source:  https://thefederalist.com/2021/06/11/tom-cotton-hundreds-of-whistleblowers-say-military-forcing-anti-american-indoctrination-on-them/

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One thought on “Racism in the Ranks: Forced Indoctrination within the Military”

  1. It’s not the same military I or my parents and other relative have served in over the years.
    Many of our deceased and still living heroes are either turning over in their graves or raising wholly Hell.
    Many good career military veterans are ending their careers early.
    Senator Cotton and Representative Crenshaw have pegged it and are Spot On!

    There is NO PLACE in the American Military for this Critical Race Theory Bull Shit!