Texas Governor Steps in to do the Federal Government’s Job


It’s a well known fact that the state of Texas bears the brunt of security for our southern borders. According to a piece appearing in The Federalist, Texas Governor Greg Abbott pledged last week to respond to the growing border crisis that the President and Vice President continue to neglect.

Notably, Vice President Kamala Harris has yet to visit the border in person since being tapped with the responsibility for addressing the crisis more than 80 days ago.

Harris has instead come under scrutiny for her recent visit to Guatemala, where she sought to understand what she considers to be the source of the problem at the border. Conversely, Governor Abbott noted in a June 11th tweet that “Texas is doing everything it can to secure the border and restore order.”

During a Border Security Summit on Thursday in Del Rio, the Texas governor stated, “Contrary to the way some people have acted, the border crisis is no laughing matter.”

He vowed to continue the arrest of illegal aliens and committed to establishing a Task Force on Border and Homeland Security to brainstorm ways to slow or stop the illicit drug trade across the border.

Data released from U.S. Customs and Border Protection saw an 18% increase in April to May of this year, attributed directly to the “illicit flow of narcotics across the border.”

Customs and Border Protection encountered more than 180,000 people attempting to cross the Southwest border of the United States last month, with the majority of those being single adults.

Governor Abbott’s recent pledge follows a consistent record during his time in office to combat the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs across the Texan border.

In addition to the recent Operation Lone Star, the governor’s office earlier this month issued a disaster declaration: “I don’t think this has ever happened before where a disaster declaration was made for border counties because of the influx of people coming across the border.”

So while the President and Vice President prioritize fact finding missions across South America and ignore the growing crisis in our southernmost state, Republican Governor Abbott will do the work to secure our borders and protect citizens from continued illegal immigration and illicit drug flows.

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