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According to AAA the cost of gasoline has risen 40% in the last 6 months. They put the national average price at $2.25 on January 1st, and today the average is $3.13. They also claim that there is no reprieve in sight, “Motorists can expect gas prices to increase another 10-20 cents through the end of August, bringing the national average well over $3.25 this summer.”

What AAA is omitting is that fuel and energy prices affect a lot more than just “motorists”. Everything is moved and produced using fossil fuels. Semi-trucks and combine harvesters can’t run on promises of a green utopia, they need diesel fuel.

When gas prices rise, it brings up the floor on the entire economy. Increasing prices across the board certainly has a negative impact on the lives of ordinary Americans, which should give politicians some pause before pursuing certain policies. After all, it’s these ordinary Americans that allegedly have the power to vote these politicians out in the next election.

For his part, Joe Biden doesn’t seem to have this concern – as he advocated for eliminating tax breaks for fossil fuel companies in a speech on Wednesday.

“I want to provide tax cuts for businesses and consumers who invest in clean energy technologies like renewables, battery storage, next generation aviation fuels, electric vehicles… I want to set the clean energy standard that moves us to a fully clean and reliable grid.”

Biden then went on to claim that eliminating these tax breaks would raise an additional $90 billion to pay for his agenda. It’s unclear if Biden is aware that the additional revenue would not be coming from oil execs pockets but from the American middle class.

Price increases will certainly come with the tax increases, and people will still need to fill up their cars and buy groceries. Whether Biden’s atrocious energy policies can be attributed to stupidity or malice, the results will be the same.

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57 thoughts on “Biden Fuels Surging Gas Prices”

  1. Obviously, I’d have to say joebozos policy is a mixture of ignorance and malice. Nobody could be stupid enough to not see the bigger picture, as described in the article. Rising fuel costs will cause many of our everyday items to cost more. And, yes, the fuel companies, and all others involved in the situation, will increase their prices to keep their profit margin. The consumers will pay all of the increases in costs. Except, of course, for those on the government dole. Their benefits will be increased to cover the rising costs. They are, after all, the marxist voter base, with every vote bought an paid for by the tax dollars American workers pay into guvco. So look for another tax increase to cover those costs as well.

  2. He’s got his head up his ass can’t see through the clouded vision how he’s destroying the country.

  3. The federal government has Zilch to do with Gas prices. It went up 100% mgue to the greed of the oil companies because they can. Federal gas tax has remained constant for over a decade.

    1. You idiot closing down pipe line is gov., control which, slowJoe has done it,stops supply and loses jobs!

    2. Communist Claptrap!?

      Prices are controlled by supply and demand in a free society. When a society become less free, in this case meaning government artificially shuts down oil & gas supply lines to satisfy environmental constituents, supply goes down, prices go up. Additionally, when the government debases its currency to satisfy capital market constituents, in this case the FED has been dumping trillions of unearned dollars into our economy, the excess cash chases limited supply. The policy changes to cut supply in favor of the environment and increase money supply are Biden administration policies.

      As the US becomes less free, supply will go down, prices will go up and the US currency will lose a lot of its value.

    3. You’re out of your socialist mind. Gas taxes in my state alone have risen over 30% your friggin idiot.

    4. Federal government has everything to do with rising gas prices because the Democrats are in bed with over seas oil and gas producers. They don’t want to develop domestic resources for one reason, the folks that benefit financially from it aren’t their voting base. And higher gas prices also hurt their voting opposition. Folks that vote for them in droves live in major metropolises, ride subways and bikes to work. Republicans live in the burbs and country, so gas hikes disproportionately affect them. Let’s not mention the special interest “donations” Democrat politicians get from middle eastern donors. I’m sure they don’t have any strings attached to those “donations.”

      This math isn’t hard, federal government (now Democrat) have EVERYTHING to do with rising gas prices for political gain.

    5. Yeah right, because shutting down pipelines,then having to pay the Canadian companies for breaking a contract doesn’t cost anyone any money stopping of oil lease lands also adds a cost

    6. Your not very bright are you. Buden shut down the pipeline, shut down production and drilling on government land, and pulled all the permits from every company in North and South Dakota.

      The result we now have to buy from opec.

      So you see illiterate one the government has a lot to do with oil prices.

      Further many democrat run states are reading their gas taxes yet again cuase more increase in gas prices.

      The oil companies make less money on a gallon of gas then any democrat state does.

      So if you want to talk about greed start pointing at where the greed is; your government.

      Now as for you. You clearly have no clue what you talk about. Go take a econ 101 and 102 class. You will be more intelligent after that.

    7. Don’t be so narrowly-focused. Biden administration policies (stopping pipeline, blocking drilling & fracking, increased taxes, etc.) have reduced domestic supply and turned us from a net exporter of energy to a net importer, causing an increase in oil prices that raise costs on consumers (effectively a tax; and worse, prominantly impacting those least able to afford it) of any product for which petroleum (or electricity) is used to grow, harvest, manufacture, or ship — in other words, increasing prices of food, fabrics, plastics, electricity, almost everything that is shipped by truck or ship, and increasing the cost to travel for work or leisure. Even though the gas tax percentage hasn’t increased, the revenue from gas taxes has increased an unbelievable 20% to 30% because of the increase in price of the underlying taxed fuel.

      Almost worse is the impact on the competitive position of American products against other countries without the same policies increasing the cost of petroleum to their businesses.

    8. It is called supply and demand with the Biden Green deal and his cave to Russian pipe lines while closing american pipe lines is Biden for the american workers and citizens or NOT . So far NOT!!!

    9. I assure you had Trump been in the oval office, this gas price increase would have never happened!

    10. BS. The federal government has a lot to do with the rising cost of gas in America! When we go from self sufficient to depending of Middle-East for gas, who do you think sets the price on a barrel of oil? It’s not America! It’s the Saudis! And we pay what they set! Who made us depend on the Saudi’s and foreign oil? Mr Biden! That’s who after he took office! So it would appear the federal government does have a little something to do with the price of gasoline! It wasn’t going up while Trump was president. Was it?

    11. By now any one with common since should see that Biden is a stupid morron he does not give a dam about the people are the country he is a Socialist Democrat that would like to be a dictater that has not got the guts to protect are great nation . He has spent 50 years getting rich off the tax payers ,By now all the people that were brain washed by him should see that he is a naive uncouth dumb ass, He is not a leader and he is creating financial hard ship on most of the people . He should be impeached

    12. You must be as naive as Biden ,the federal Government has a hell of a lot to do with Gas prices do your research President Trump made America energy free of other countrys. The first thing Biden did was stop the Canada pipe line to Houstion ,Tx. then stoped any new demestic drilling in the U S A with restricing on all the oil drilling witch froced use to start Importing oil again there by increasing the price of gas,


  4. In NJ the gas tax went from one of the lowest to one of the highest in the nation two years ago. Those who don’t see what Mr. Dementia is doing to those of us who have to pay for gas and oil are either blind or ignorant. Oh and Obiden is not a socialist and is playing with a full deck? And Pelosi didn’t know her husband invested over $5M in stock in companies that she and her cronies were looking to control. Mere coincidence. Who said a sucker is born every minute?

  5. Another example of a DC Democratic idiot sitting in office and making decisions that hurt everyday people in all aspects of life. This is the thanks Biden, et al, gives their “followers” for voting Biden and his idiot squads into office since they only care about themselves and the power they can have over the people who voted them into office. They are nothing but Communists at heart who want to take over this country at all cost! I can only imagine what our grandchildren’s life will be — NO LIFE AT ALL under a Communist regime!!! THE DEMOCRATS ARE NOTHING BUT HYPOCRITES/SOCIALISTS/MARXISTS/COMMUNISTS.

  6. Senile Joe doesn’t have a clue what is going on with the economy. The POS probably gets his ice free. He truly needs to be removed from office.

  7. Who ever wrote this never considered that gasoline goes up about the same amount every summer when high demand is in use, and it never comes back down to where it was before the summer. When competition was taken away by the big petroleum companies buying up their competition or running them out of business, then they are free to charge anything they choose. In 1960 there were about 1500 different companies manufacturing Gasoline, in 2020 there are only 23 manufacturing gasoline and diesel fuels so there is no competition in any way they are a cartel, making sure they have no competition in any way.
    Nothing has changed in any way under the Biden Administration in any way shutting down a pipe line which was not even programed to be finished until 2025 would have no effect on oil prices in any way and besides the type of oil it was to carry could not be turned into gasoline or Diesel, it is Canadian Oil Tar Sans oil like the bituminous tar which is used in roads and is openly mined like coal or salt.

  8. How does one recover from irreversible stupidity and a fervent desire to destroy what is, in order to (attempt to) usher in something that is unproven and well-beyond feasible or practical. Well, they are succeeding, with all the lemmings, willing to follow the lead of a growing socialist government plot to control everyone’s life. The Green Energy scheme (and it is a scheme) is hell-bent on eliminating life of which we have become accustomed. They are now scheming to eliminate suburban environments (single home communities) in favor of multi-unit dwellings. The scheme is to build on the periphery of ‘nicer’ neighborhoods, force out families that live there, due to worsening neighborhood conditions, and knock down those single homes and redevelop the area with multi-unit dwellings. The idea is to saturate living areas with apartments that force you to live in conditions that the government deems fit for existence. Sounds far fetched ?? They have already defined the area that a family of 4 should be living in. . . . something like 765 sq. ft. We are being lulled to sleep with talk of racism, white supremacy, equity in outcomes and gender transformations. What’s a human being to do . . . when being bombarded on all sides with social dilemmas with which we cannot deal. THAT’S how we lose our freedoms . . . by relying on politicians to do our, no . . . THERE bidding, as they gain power through our relinquished freedoms and rights. I have no solution other than pleading that we don’t just sit back and accept the bitter pill we are being fed ! Wake up America !

  9. I do not understand how there’s not a law that deals with anyone or anything that is destroying our America and harming our Americans. Someone or something should stop the destruction of our America and the killing of our Americans. This is the most asinine administration in the history of the country. I truly believe that there are more people that love America than hate America like the demoncrats do. ERADICATE EVERY ONE OF THESE THINGS.

  10. Rising gas prices had nothing to do with Biden ..
    it has to do with :
    The increase in demand as covid restrictions lifted
    The gap in preparing for steaming up supply channels and transport and refineries
    The OPEC nations not releasing more oil to make back some profits they lost when the global economies were shuttered and consumption was rock bottom
    The lack of production by more expensive sources due to the low prices like shale
    And IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE.. who would not be online until 2023 and that oil was destined for export
    As usual the right wing reporting is based on lies and propaganda

  11. Why don’t Sleepy Joe Put His Money Where His Mouth Is.?
    He wants Us To Go Electric HIM FIRST Get Rid of His Gas Hog Limo, Helicopter, Air Plant an go all Electric Himself SHOW US.

  12. Well bidens build back better slogan is sort of over with isn’t it.

    I guess that is what happens when you commit voter fraud to put a cocsine addict in power.

    We have super high energy costs, teachers abusing children and teaching them porn, high unemployment, high taxes, high God costs, high claim rate, and riots everywhere.

  13. Biden is completely ruining the US economy with his dumb orders. He just can’t see past the end of his nose.. If we don’t get the Dems out ASAP, there will be no recovery for our younger generation..

    USA is in a horrible downward spiral.. Never did I ever think any one person & his party would do sooooo much damage..!!!

  14. When the XL pipeline gets to the Supreme Court they should rule that Biden doesn’t have the authority to shut down the XL pipeline. That was a NAFTA treaty. Order the construction to resume. The border wall construction should be required to continue. It has to do with safety and security.

  15. Just another Far Left Communist/Democrat ploy to destroy the economy and the nation along with it. Wait till they couple that with the upcoming Delta Variant Lock Downs. R.I.P. USA. China will then take over what’s left.

    And there is NO opposition to any of this from our “brave defenders” or the GOP(LOL).

  16. Biden is trying to ruin America I believe
    I can’t believe he is against American and the our values, our system of government.

  17. The States with less than $3.50 per gallon are screaming like banshees. Out here in California, gas prices are nearing $5.00 per gallon. That is also caused by the Democrats raising our gas tax per gallon to $0.47.9 per gallon. We have to pay millions to those who want to own us. Communism is alive and well out here. Democrats have rule the high prices for 8 years under Jerry Brown and now, Gavin Newsom. We will be seeing $5.00 per gallon very soon if we don’t get Newsom recalled. He is like the Fox guarding the Chicken House from the inside.

  18. Biden and his master’s are the greatest threat to this nation that have ever been. He is a clear and present be danger tomorrow republic and our way of life.

  19. How do you fight it when so many people do not have brains enough to see
    what is going on and that Biden and the Democrats are going to cost the average
    American more and more and the “Useful Idiots” will keep them in power.

  20. Biden needs to go. He is not are real President. It seems that when the Democrats are in office everything goes up in prices.

  21. Thanks to the destroyer in chief, it now costs more to travel to work etc.! The destroyer in chief doesn’t have to worry about his cost of traveling as it comes out of the pockets of we tax payers who have to pay the increased cost!

  22. The rising gas prices are causing prices in the grocery stores to rise also! Biden does not realize or just does not care about the everyday working citizen or he would do something to ease the cost of gas and groceries. Biden and democrats have caused everyday working people to struggle to pay bills and to eat! Stop the insanity with the rising prices of everyday living for the working class! Your stimulus checks are gone in a month. Lower the cost of everyday living is the best stimulus you could give Americans!


  24. Biden then went on to claim that eliminating these tax breaks would raise an additional $90 billion to pay for his agenda. It’s unclear if Biden is aware that the additional revenue would not be coming from oil execs pockets but from the American middle class.

    I don’t see how breaking the backs of the middle class would help Biden’s agenda. Other than he is getting
    Richer, and the middle are getting poorer.

    Other countries use to look up to America, because it
    Was a nation to be free to work hard, and make a living
    For yourself and your families.

    But at this rate, if prices keep going up, and
    This recession turns into a depression.
    Then we haven’t learned anything.
    Past decision can sometimes be and indicator
    Of what this nation will turn out to be…,
    “BANKRUPT” some places in call are charging
    Almost $5.00 dollars a gallon ($4.45) in California.

    So we not only have federal Taxes then we have
    State taxes too. Can anyone say “ Stealing “
    Again…., “Who’s the one benefiting “
    Them( politicians) not us, the common
    Middle class that make this country go.

    So Mr. Biden if you want your grandkids and great
    Grandkids to inherit DEBT, keep up your agenda!

  25. It has been painfully obvious Biden’s war on fossil fuels is aimed at destroying that industry, displacing thousands of hard working good paying American jobs and families, killing our economy, and lacks any and all resemblance of intelligence regarding the true costs of “green renewable energy”. ASS OLE CORTEZ doesn’t have a clue either! NO FRACKING DEMOCRAT DOES! No damn democrat in office has the brains to pour piss out of their shoes with the instructions written on the heals of them! NO democrat or liberal can even pass 5th grade today! No democrat or liberal should ever hold any office today! Not even dog catcher! And very sad to say, most of our most respected environmental groups pushing ASS OLE CORTEZ’S and Bidens plans for total reduction of fossil fuel also lack the basic intelligence to fully understand that we cannot now, or ever stop our reliance of fossil fuels if we are to survive as a Nation! Doubt it? Than look around your home, office, car or whatever you use for transportation and imagine how things would change without plastics, oil and grease for all machinery, natural gas to heat homes, cook and fuel adapted engines. Absolutely NOTHING you own, use, or depend on for ALL YOUR daily needs would continue to be produced! Your food supplies at the local stores would cease! Hospitals could not treat you with any equipment that was produced from fossil fuels! How will you survive?

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