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In Huntington Beach, California, the restaurant Basilico’s Pasta e Vino has posted a unique sign on its front door. The message is as follows:

“Notice: Proof of being unvaccinated required. We have zero-tolerance for treasonous, anti-American stupidity. Thank you for Pondering.”

The sign has gone up just as more COVID tyranny seems to be coming California’s way. Several localities are re-instituting mask mandates; and California Governor, Gavin Newsom was just on CNN comparing the unvaccinated to drunk drivers. 

The courageous and principled owner, Tony Roman, is no stranger to pushing back against this kind of tyranny and is showing no signs of letting up. Back in March of 2020, during the initial “lockdowns”, Basilico’s stayed open for indoor dining. Later when the mask mandate came into effect, Basilico’s declared itself a mask-free zone and banned mask-wearing inside the restaurant. 

In June the restaurant started selling T-shirts with the slogan, “Leave the vax, take the cannoli.” The phrase is a play on a line from “The Godfather” film. Also, on the shirt is a depiction of a hand controlling a marionette. On their Instagram page, Basilico’s posted “Imagine if Americans would have refused mask mandates, or even better banned the masks as we have throughout the lockdowns. The tiny tyrants then would have never dared to think they could try and force vaccine mandates.”

On Monday the “Los Angeles Times” ran a story about the anti-vax sign posted in Basilico’s front door, which generated significant backlash from the public. The restaurant received threatening phone calls and hundreds of one-star reviews were posted online. Basilico’s responded with a post on Facebook.

“We at Basilico’s Pasta e Vino wear it all as a badge of honor! Attention: tiny tyrants, wannabe little dictators, pro-lockdown/ pro-mask/ pro-mandatory vaccine mini Gestapo American traitors and snitches, and yes ‘Gavin Pelosi’ and ‘Stronzo Fauci’… We feel blessed to go into battle against all of you in defense of American liberty and freedom, so bring it on!”

America is in need of many more men like Tony Roman. Men who understand the signs of the times in which they are living, and who understand the value and the cost of American liberty and freedom. Tony is all but officially signing the pledge made in the Declaration of Independence almost 250 years ago. By his actions, he is putting on the line, his life, fortune, and sacred honor. Here’s to hoping that many more are willing to sign on with him.

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49 thoughts on “California Restaurant Fights Back”

  1. Many of us are with you Tony,but many are afraid to adnit it.because they’re afraid that the dweebs might target them.Like my dad used to say”Fuckem and feedem beans”.Daytona Bch.Fla.

  2. Want b coming to california anytime soon but when I do I’ll head straight to Balisco restaurant. For sure my kind of people. Love love love their way of doing business. STRAIGHT FORWARD AND TO THE POINT. GREAT JOB EVERYONE at this tremendous establishment. GO GO GO GET ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF LETS FINISH THIS RACE STRONG

    1. There are many who live in CA that do not agree with the government of CA. One can’t just move on the spot. There are a lot of things to consider like how one would make a living by moving if one has a decent job. Jobs are not plentiful right now anywhere. People are trying to hang on to what job they have if they have one. Trump increased jobs and Biden is killing them fast. Unemployment is too high as it encourages people not to look for work. Every able bodied person should be working even for unemployment. I don’t care if they just move a pile of rocks from one side of road to the other and then back again. They should not be getting money for nothing. That only encourages more to stay on unemployment forever..

  3. We have a constitution that I fought for years ago. I have not forgotten my oath as many of our politicians apparently have which points to a real need for recall structure not dragging thru the courts. The machinations of the present administration are amazing to behold, our elected officials ignore the will of the people with arrogance and use our laws against us. I fail to see how this can continue on without eventual bloodshed. When it comes, heaven help us, it will be messy.

    1. Thank you for your service and sacrifice! You are totally correct, the politicians are not for America and our People, they are all about themselves and their “progressive” commie agenda, and money, it is about money and power. They need to be voted out and term limits applied. We, the People, need to take back control of our Country.

  4. God Bless this man and protect him his family and his Restaurant!! KEEP IT OPEN— THE MASKS DO NO GOOD WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  5. I am going make it a point to eat at Basilico’s Pasta e Vino. We need to support those that stand for our liberty against those that suppress us! I invite all of CA whose liberty has been taken away by the democrats to eat at Basilico’s Pasta e Vino! Let’s not let them do this alone.

  6. It amazes me these clowns that bad-mouth people who stand up for the Constitution and the true American way of life have nothing better to do. All they seem to be able to do is make threatening phone calls and give 1-star ratings to places of business where most likely they have NEVER been and most likely had never heard of until it is publicized.

  7. I am answering my telephone “Pray for our country. As an American Italian I see many correlations between the Biden administration and Italy in the 1930’s.” Most of the scammers hang up but they need to be educated in what is happening.

  8. Heading there from Sacramento to drop my son at school….Cant wait for us to eat at his restaurant and leave a 200% tip!

  9. I don’t plan to see California but if I do, I will definitely be eating at your restaurant. Good luck to you. Stay strong!

  10. Bravo! I would definitely patronize that restaurant!! America was made by people like this. We need to be the land of the free and the home of the brave again instead of the weak and the wimpy.

  11. You are free to infect yourself and die for it, but not to infect others and kill them.
    From a former Republican

    1. the vax doesn’t work if it did then 50 percent of covid 19 patients wouldn’t be in the hospital.
      . Educate yourself and stop believing the lies,

  12. Hello!
    You are awesome!! Thank you for standing for Americans and America…for our Freedom and our Constitution. Stand strong and many blessings to you and your family and staff…and again- Thank you

  13. This guy is great ! We need more like him. He has to teach other restaurateurs on how to fight back. The biggest problem I am hearing is that these cities will play games with their licenses particularly their liquor license. If they don’t renew a restaurant’s liquor license the next year that could really affect them as drink is profitable. Somehow this guy must have a way of dealing with these useless health departments and city inspectors. We have to fight back hard so they stop their power grabs. We need to put them in their place. I think too many Americans are afraid for their own hides and they really think they will die from this virus. It has turned them into quivering idiots not able to think for themselves. There will always be a new virus or variant coming out and we are ruining our lives like this…..stop this madness ! Masks and lockdowns are ineffective !

  14. We need more business’ like Basilicos to take a stand against government overreach. I’m in TX and I am calling Basilicos and ordering their shirts . I will proudly wear it in their support and will share their story. Maybe he needs to come on down to TX.

    1. I’ll be vacationing in Del Mar Beach next week. I will drive up for dinner and show my support for you.

    2. How do we fight back? Are there organizations to join? I keep hearing stand up and fight back, but no one helps us with the how. I vote and write my legislatures, other than that what can we do?

    1. its a good thing in the 1950s people did not feel that way .
      polio was destroying thousands of children’s life’s. They were cripples for life.
      when the vaccine against polio was discovered . all children were required to have the vaccination , or they could not go to school.
      every child was vaccinated . polio is eradicated in USA thanks to the vaccine .
      the only place there is polio now are in 3rd world country’s were there was no vaccine because of there dire poverty . so sorry we have so many literate people in America that can not accept science . they are stuck in the dark ages.
      may god bless even the ignorant.

  15. I can see why anyone with aa clear mind lives in a state that dishonors its citizens, tax them to death, is crime ridden , full of homeless that has dirtys street with their drugs and human waste. and has no rights to live their lives as the Constitution says we are free do do as we wish within the law! Tell me why you live there!.

  16. Love this man ! Thank you for standing up for our constitution and our right to choose! I am telling everyone I know who lives anywhere near him to go there and dine.

  17. Hey Tony,
    Leave that soon to be third world S____hole and move to Omaha , NE where you and your food and your candor will be appreciated.
    Semper Fi Brother,

  18. yeah. Remember they took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. So much for their word, integrety, or honor