Facebook Defines Extremism, Manipulates Users


If Facebook’s recently exposed censorship of vaccine hesitant content wasn’t enough, the social media conglomerate now engages in a new campaign to warn users of potential exposure to “extremism,” seeking to re-direct toward resources that inform and educate. But just what constitutes extremism to Facebook censors?

The Federalist provided coverage of Facebook’s newest example of censorship in a piece last week. As of Thursday, users across the platform have started receiving pop-up notifications asking, “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?”

Included also in one of the two notifications released by Facebook is a link for support groups in which users are invited to “Hear stories and get help from people who have escaped violent extremist groups.” The other notification informs users, “You may have been exposed to harmful extremist content recently” and further states, “Violent groups try to manipulate your anger and disappointment.” The notification follows with a call to action and re-directs users to expert help.

Facebook’s new campaign is notably embedded in a partnership with an organization called “Life After Hate,” whose stated mission is “helping people leave the violent far-right to connect with humanity and lead compassionate lives.” Elsewhere on the site, a fact sheet names “far-right extremism and white supremacy” as the “greatest domestic terror threats facing the United States.”

When queried by The Federalist, a Facebook spokesperson declined to define extremism and what constitutes “far right.” Facebook also failed to respond to the question of why they are not also monitoring and combatting left-wing extremism.

Yet again, when The Federalist asked Facebook if content shared by Antifa would also be censored and exposed users notified, the media giant would not answer.

Protests swept the nation last year in the name of Black Lives Matter, spurring also a rally cry to defund police. The increased violence against police officers that has since emerged apparently does not warrant Facebook’s consideration of BLM and affiliated content as “extremism.”

Once again, Facebook’s ever expanding censorship campaign remains subjective and agenda driven.


Source: https://thefederalist.com/2021/07/02/facebook-is-now-identifying-and-reeducating-you-and-your-extremist-conservative-friends/

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40 thoughts on “Facebook Defines Extremism, Manipulates Users”

  1. Facebook is simply a tool for the left. They need to be broken up into 1,ooo smaller pieces and fined a trillion dollars just to get their attention.

  2. “It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion.”
    — Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister and apparently FB

  3. The real Extremely st s Zuckerberg. Totally anti American, BMIs vstunts to show you he isn’t is a total fraud.

    He snd his sensor if company have to go, straight to hell.

  4. Their stated mission “helping people leave the violent far-right to connect with humanity and lead compassionate lives” is just a cleverly disguised form of an ad hominem attack.

    Leftists seem to think that they are the center of humanity and compassion while being completely unaware that they are the most intolerant of people when it comes to anyone who disagrees with them.

  5. “helping people leave the violent far-right to connect with humanity and lead compassionate lives.” The organizations and people who claim to have all the humanity and compassion are usually the same ones who are completely intolerant to those who disagree with them.

  6. So what’s the surprise? It fits right in with the Communist’s “Caucasians are Racists Training”. CRT. Where has everyone been for the past 50 years when people were screaming at them – “It’s happening here!!!”?

  7. Facebook should be shut down permanently for it abuses to the public and its interference with the election process. This campaign against “extremism” is nothing less than what Nazi Germany did during WW2. It nothing more than a fascist propaganda outlet that needs to be removed. Its founder jailed.

  8. I was censored for a post yesterday. They didn’t tell me what ppost! There was a photo , which i never posted. I have no idea what they are talking about and cudn’t find out!

  9. Facebook has increasingly come to be “Big Brother” in its attempts at controlling everything people say or what they read. They have legions of faceless anonymous “fact-checkers” or censors that scour people’s comments, and label them as they see fit. For no good reason, other than personal perception, they will label some simple comment as “hate speech” and proceed to block someone. They have no means for someone to dispute the label they slap on you. It instills some fear and intimidation about what you express on their site. OPPRESSION OF OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS IS THEIR GAME PLAN.

  10. Was tossed off Facebook forever, they should move their company to Communist China where they would fit in the way they act and think, this is what happens when you have CEO’S who never served their country .Corrupt Biden Family who have sold their soul to China. Biden, never told us what his energy policy was, in pulling the order, Biden said that “leaving the Keystone XL pipeline permit in place, would not be consistent with my Administration’s economic and climate imperatives.” That’s a comment, shifty joe not a policy, Why are gas prices increasing? Why have thousands lost their jobs? What is your energy policy? What day is it joe? What does Putin have on you? that you can only talk in secret? Why have you supported his pipeline? Who are you loyal too joe? Has Hunter returned that 3 million plus to Putin, Sooner or later joe you and Hunter will have to answer these questions, “Plausible Deniability” is not cutting the mustard with the majority of Americans anymore. Want everybody who has been affected for losses to sue by this un-American pipe line shut down to become additional parties on this lawsuit and more. Where are millions of jobs from solar panels that Kerry and you promised? Think you stopped the pipe line an now it’s a major issue and only going to attract more public review of democrat corruption, 2022 will show American’s want their Country back. Your caught on this one. Hope you hit the court system with that same dumb BS. Want everyone in the US who has been hurt take out a lawsuit, flood the Biden administration with tons of law suites, they deserve nothing better from the 85 million people they screwed

  11. Apparently Facebook’s street is only one way.
    Everyone knows that they represent an extreme, violent left wing agenda by allowing rhetoric from groups like Antifa, BLM and hateful Senators such as Maxine Waters!

  12. Am I the only one to notice that all last month, when there were ads promoting LBTG causes, FB would not allow us to delete those ads, nor hide post, unfollow, or snooze for 30 days? No problem with any ads with other content, just those promoting LBTG. I haven’t seen anything addressing this censorship so I’m wondering if the same will be true with content that promotes other causes other months. July emphasis includes National Ice Cream Month and Disability Pride Month. I haven’t even seen any ads for these.

  13. Manipulation is all that’s going on here on FB, America doesn’t need f. B. To decipher fact from fiction, it’s not their right to silence those with different opinions as many know how to research on their own. This is nothing more than a continuous indoctrination of f. B. Beliefs 🤦🏼‍♀️ F. B. Is suppose to be for enjoyment and nothing more! STOP F. B. ‘S MANIPULATION… AMERICA is happy to see president T take a stand against these criminals… stay Patriot strong 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. The ONLY extremism is b. L. M, a. N. T. I. F. A, f. B. The far left, democrats and this administration! Shame on any person who doesn’t do their own research and I don’t mean watching & listening to the fake bias one sided media, fb, g. O. O. G. L. E etc. COMMUNISM 3rd world country is all the above are trying to achieve!!! Wake up America before it’s literally to late!!!

  15. I am not an extremist – just a 77 year old retired teacher who has seen it all. (Think 60’s, 70’s, Nam, Cold War, etc.). I do, however, consider myself to be a well-informed reluctant vaxxer. After 20 hours of research on the mrna vaccine, I am waiting until more data is available to decide to get a “jab”. Big Pharma has too much to gain to be concerned about the individual and the horrific adverse affects for thousands of people ( for example, the shingles vaccine I postponed getting because of the cost (even with insurance) has been pulled). There are too many unanswered questions (if anyone chooses to ask them): how many boosters will Pharma and the government want you to get? Will new experimental vaxes be rapidly developed for every strain of every virus to come along? Will the government give us the real adverse effect data -( most are not reported for a variety of reasons)? Will we shut down every time a novel virus hits the world or U. S.? (power hungry local, state, and federal govt.)? Will we see adverse affects cropping up in the future that no one postulated could happen? Will gain of funtion research continue with government funding? Will we slide into government control of our personal health decisions (for our own good, of course!) I mistrust that what I hear “out there” is based on research, facts, or honest and moral intentions. There is instead usually a huge dose of arrogance, elitism, hunger for power and money, and just plain ignorance. I can best decide what is in my own best interest!

  16. Of course, there is nothing to stop people from flooding the Facebook intake on extremism by reporting every instance of left-wing extremism labelled as fascism.

  17. Just posted this on FB. It would not post using your share so I copied and pasted and adding: truth is always censored by tyrants. Golly how long will it be there before it is censored.

  18. That company needs shut down. It has become nothing more than a modern-day NAZI PROPAGANDA media. Can’t call it a social media ..because only the domestic terrorist groups, LGBt, and unconstitutional criminals are allowed to post their comments.
    I guess we should expect it being it backed by a exNAZI and relative of one.

  19. Facebook is obviously leaning communist left. Defending the violent communist BLM/ANTIFA is bad press.

  20. I get alot of skamers thru my fb page, I m a victim. I’d like to put a stop to these people using our personal information and costing us unnecessary money. Send any info I can do to stop help this.

  21. If you care about America and its future and its people, you will get vaccinated. If you choose not to get vaccinated, it is, in my humble opinion, a clear indication of unadulterated ignorance. FB does have it right that many of those connected to the anti-vaccine ideology are rightwing, far right extremists. If there are ways to help people who are sucked in by the right wing bullshit, I think FB is doing the general public a big favor and offering these people a way to escape the right wing conspiracy theories and its ignorance, which clearly divides and weakens our country. FYI, I’m also one of the millions of Republicans that voted against DDT (Despicable Donald Trump.) I am a longtime Republican who is watching our country and my party being torn apart by rightwing publications and groups like American Announcement, who starts their article off with this crap: “Facebook Defines Extremism, Manipulates Users.” Then ends the article with this deceptive statement: “Once again, Facebook’s ever expanding censorship campaign remains subjective and agenda driven.” American Announcement doesn’t like what FB is doing but then proceeds to do exactly the very same thing with manipulation, subjectiveness and extreme agenda driven. Every single one of the conservative publications supports DDT and his lies after lies that he won the election along with thousands of other lies over 4 1/2 years. These publications and websites are extremely conservative, they distort the facts, and they disseminate Fake News by the bushelfuls. Facebook is simple the antitheses of these manipulative, lying, disgusting conservative news outlets. BTW, I am a Republican moderate but used to be a Republican conservative. Can’t do that any longer because Trump, Graham, Johnson, Hawley, Jordan, Gaetz, Gosar, Brooks, and the queen bee – Marjorie T. Greene have given Republican conservatism a horrifically, terrible connotation. Keep up he good work, Facebook; America needs you now more than ever.

    1. RINO Ted, where were you indoctrinated?
      You need to Wake Up and Walk Away for the Globalist Establishment Elite that are destroying this country.

    2. In your OPINION, which is anything but humble, freedom = ignorance.
      It took you less than 2 sentences to discredit yourself.

    3. I am a democrat, but even I can do the research and see the democratic party has gone nuts. Explain again how it is ok for a millionaire, who is not a medical doctor, to tell us to take a vaccine, (which by definition is not a vaccine) on which he owns the patent. Then explain how you can trust a non doctor who self admits that he thinks that global population control is a must, and has worked for it for decades, who now wants it mandatory that everybody take his “vaccine” even though there have been deaths and other complications from taking it. Not to mention that field trials have not had enough time to be thoroughly tested over time to prove or disprove any other side effects or possible genetic mutations. Explain too how multiple states have found election fraud by the election board and individuals when the democratic party swears that there was nothing done wrong by anyone. In my humble opinion, it is time to do away with all political parties. Everyone that votes must produce a bone fide state or federal identification, which by the way they must have to function in life. Any political donations go into a pot to be doled out equally to all political contestants to eliminate “buying” of politicians. Then get serious about cleaning up the political system. From top to bottom.

    4. An excellent well written post, I am a voter without a party. I did NOT leave the party …the party left me. I can no longer support a party based on misinformation, outright lies, and deception. My party went WHACK-NUT and is no longer based in reality,

  22. Our corrupt Establishment Elites want to control every moment of our lives.
    If this trend continues, you will have more freedom in China.

  23. Facebook presents the best possible case for removing Section 230 of the CDA from law. Facebook is absolute a content provider on its platform and should be liable for its actions and abuses.
    Possibly the Trump lawsuit will bring about this change – if the Supreme Court has any nerve or honesty.

  24. It would seem FB has declared themselves on the side of fascists’. Perhaps it is time to go after them and other “businesses” for being monopolies of platforms of their type? Ma Bell never had that much clout and it got busted up.