Hopeful Precedent from Supreme Court’s Ruling on AZ Voter Restrictions



“A damaging blow to voting rights.” “Restrictive Arizona voting laws.” “The Supreme Court Kills the Voting Rights Act.”

These and other headlines are dominating mainstream liberal coverage of the Supreme Court’s most recent ruling. The Daily Wire reports on the decision by the nation’s highest court to uphold Republican backed measures that place restrictions on third party collection of early ballots and on locations where absentee ballots may be cast.

Today’s ruling comes after a lower court deemed Arizona’s voting restrictions as disproportionately burdensome to minority voters and thus in violation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

While Republicans are seeking to eliminate opportunities for voting fraud and ensure fair elections, their Democrat counterparts have once again turned yet another otherwise straightforward matter into a race issue.

According to Reuter’s coverage of the ruling, the 2016 Arizona law under review prevents people from turning in ballots on behalf of others, except in the case of care givers and family members.

It additionally ensures that in-person votes are cast in the precincts to which voters are assigned. Justice Samuel Alito remarked that, “One strong and entirely legitimate state interest is the prevention of fraud. Fraud can affect the outcome of a close election” and subsequently undermine voter confidence.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich further regarded the decision as a “win for election integrity safeguards in Arizona and across the country.”

Notably, the disproportionate impact on voters does NOT represent racial discrimination, as the restrictions do not block or bar access to voting for ANY one person. As stated in the majority opinion, “Mere inconvenience cannot be enough to demonstrate a Constitutional violation.”

Ideological divisions were unsurprisingly represented in the 6-3 ruling, with the court’s conservative majority deeming Arizona’s laws constitutional and the three liberal justices in dissent.

This ruling does not bode well for the Biden administration’s attempt to sideline voting restriction laws elsewhere in the nation, as the Department of Justice last week filed suit against the State of Georgia. The DOJ suggests that Georgia’s requirement for voters to be in line prior to 7pm closure of polls and restriction on electioneering at polling places constitutes racial discrimination.

While the Left seeks to cloud a clear issue with discussions of race, today’s Supreme Court ruling proves an important step in restoring integrity to the voting process and confidence in election outcomes.


Source: https://www.dailywire.com/news/supreme-court-upholds-arizona-voter-restrictions-spelling-trouble-for-doj-georgia-voter-rights-lawsuit

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17 thoughts on “Hopeful Precedent from Supreme Court’s Ruling on AZ Voter Restrictions”

  1. Why are these courts always addressing the black community as being mentally and intellectually inferior to all other races when in fact, they are equal, and in many cases, superior, especially when it comes to common sense. It’s time for these courts and politicians to stop demeaning the black community for the soul purpose of political gain i.e., making rules to benefit a particular political party because you insist these rules are protecting dumb blacks. Americans are sick and tired of political race-baiting; purposely demeaning an entire race of citizens for political gain. US Veteran and member of the American Legion

  2. Pulling the RACE card…race, race where there is no race! Race is never the issue: the integrity of elections is paramount here. One legal resident to every vote, no vote duplication, no cemetery voting.

  3. Surprise! The Supreme Court rules for law and order.
    I was beginning to wonder if they were completely controlled by the corrupt Establishment Elite.

  4. It is about time that fair & transparent voting laws were respected. These people who are doing whatever they want need to face some consequences. They have no right to interfere with our right to vote. All of them should be prosecuted & sent to jail!

  5. I do not know why you are using my email address
    I am a British subject living in the UK
    I have absolutely NO INTEREST in foreign politics.
    I am receiving many such political letters daily, not all of which spam out.
    Please remove my email from your lists.

  6. Not soon enough the immoral corrupt commie criminal fraudulent fiberal libtard demoncrap seditionists will be removed from illegitimate public office and arrested tried convicted & imprisoned for their treasonous subversive attacks on America’s Freedom Liberty Democracy & Family Values…
    The DIVERSE Overwhelming Moral Majority of America is sick & tired of the fakenews LIES pseudoscience alarmism, anarchy, hypocrisy and blatant attacks against Modern Western Prosperous Civilized Free Decent Christian/Judeo Society by these evil satanist fibtard haters of Real American Values.
    The very small minority of lying sinister treacherous seditionist swampscum are about to face True Justice for their treasonous egregious criminal malfeasance against the State…. it’s clear who they are and there will be nowhere for them to hide from LAW & ORDER:
    antifa/ blm/ cair/ mb/ school&speniversity delusionals/ duplicitous fakenews liars/ big-tech propagandists/ cancel-culture quacks/ bogus bureaucrats/ ballot fraudsters/ anarchist ‘mayors’/ and especially illegitimately “elected” congress insurgents like illhand homar & aoc….
    ALL will be found GUILTY of treason before the DIVERSE Overwhelming Moral Majority of The United States..!!!!
    PRESIDENT Trump was simply the “Canary in the Coal Mine”, merely the First Iconic Delphi Sage in the coming Crusade against the evil sinister satanist tyrannical immoral demoncrap devils who hate Decency & Liberty.
    Election Fraud such as happened in Nov.’20 will be Eliminated and then the Real Voice of America will be Heard and Acted On…. and the evil doers will face Harsh Justice, conviction & imprisonment as well as Civil Litigation for PUNITIVE DAMAGES stripping them of every worldly asset and ALL their ill-gotten gains stolen from the American People…!!!!
    Leave them destitute and…
    LOCK them UP..!!!!

  7. Official Voter ID is important. Also, could there be official temporary voting facilities set up in rural areas so that people who have difficulties getting to the poles may have an equal chance to vote?

  8. I only have one thing to say about the voter laws, it’s supposed to apply to ALL of us and if it’s important to the democrats then by all means, they should just go get some ID!! After all, they have four years to go get it done so that excuse of not being able to get it is crap! And if they really want to vote here, then do it LEGALLY! How are we supposed to tell everyone they have to obey our laws if we just sit back and let the democratic party just skate on all the laws they broke putting their people in the White House, it was so obvious they stole it and we just sit on our butts and do nothing about it. What they did was TREASON, treason against America and if we just let it slide, our beloved country is gone. All our history, our loyalty and patriotism was for nothing. We put our asses on the line, put our lives on the line, and put our kids lives on the line,, for nothing.

  9. Always wondered how much the news of the day, or the Media had to do with our Supreme Court people. They
    need to restore confidence in our people with always decisions that are under God’s jurisdiction and that they
    are not leaning neither to the left nor to the right. We expect our people in the Supreme Court to have no loyalities
    to anyone except the Law of the land and what is right and just for all peoples in our land.

  10. As it should be requiring a valid ID and verification is NOT repressive. It takes away NO voting right from a lawful citizen.

  11. What is so amazing is that every thing that Arizona, wants to do away with is exactly what three other RED status has been doing for about 10 or 12 years with no problems what so ever. The critical point is when a start starts to turn to a different political group than it is now the ruling political party must make it more difficult for the minority party to have or gain any head way even though the majority want the change, exactly what is happening in nearly every RED state Texas was turning purple so they had to do something to make sure less Democrats would vote in the elections, by putting up all kinds of barriers.

  12. To HELL with the lot of these ultra-liberal, Communist activities that has pervaded our land for far too long a period of time now. The time is way past due to steer this Country back to the path that ultimately resulted in this Nation becoming the GREATEST NATION on the face of the planet—the pursuit of which has seen the ENTIRE rest of the world clamoring to get here, sadly enough “by hook or by crook” The political aspirations of the Left Wing are only too obvious to all but the MOST LAME BRAINED idiots in this land–garner enough votes by legal AND MOST CERTAINLY illegal means to ensure that the future will be controlled by only the Democrat Party. Any stupid dingbat that believes that this was the intent of the founding fathers had damn well better go back to learn the truth of our Constitution!

  13. The Voting Rights Act went in effect in 1965, so NOW people, a/k/a Democrats, are complaining? I do not recall hearing of any complaints from 1965 until the Democrats are now trying to push everything, even racist complaints, about a person’s right to vote. Give me a break. The Dems will try anything to make sure elections go their way instead of the LEGAL way. Too bad if people are being inconvenienced to vote — they need to plan ahead so they can get to their appointed voting location on time. Or, don’t businesses give employees time off in order to vote. If not, they should!