Japan Locks Down, Bans Olympic Spectators


After a long nearly year and a half of cyclical lockdowns and social gathering restrictions across the globe, Covid fatigue has more than set in, and people are ready to re-engage in normal activities and events.

The announcement that the delayed Olympic Games would take place this summer was a welcome one for sports enthusiasts worldwide. This summer’s Olympic Games in Japan, however, will look very different from those past.

With more elderly per capita than any other nation, Japan has exercised extreme caution in response to Covid-19. Daily Wire reports this week on a new state of emergency declared by Japanese authorities in light of the aggressive spread of the Delta variant of Covid, posing yet more challenges for the upcoming Olympic Games. Olympic organizers had already instituted a ban on foreign spectators for this summer’s games, permitting only domestic attendees and capping numbers at 50% or 10,000.

In response to foreign questions regarding the comparatively low Covid mortality rate, Japan’s Finance Minister Taro Aso cited his nation’s “level of cultural standards.” Aso stated in March, “The United States imposed fines on people who broke lockdown rules, and France did so too. But we didn’t have to do such a thing, and we made it only by requesting” that citizens abide by COVID safety measures and stay at home. “We should be very proud of this.”

Between a slow national vaccine rollout and concerns regarding foreign visitors for the Games, Japan’s new state of emergency takes into consideration the new variants of the virus and seeks to slow the spread within its borders.

As of late last month, only less than 30% of Japan’s population had been vaccinated. This week’s declaration comes with the announcement that no spectators, including domestic attendees, will be allowed in person at the Summer Olympics.

While health and safety take precedence, the new ban exacts a toll on already stressed businesses, such as hotels and restaurants most likely to benefit from the influx of foreign visitors. The loss of ticket revenue additionally rings in at about $815 million dollars for the Olympic Games.

This year’s Olympic Games had already been postponed one full year after the IOC made the decision to delay due to COVID. So this year, “the show must go on.”

But it certainly will not look the same as years past.


Source: https://www.dailywire.com/news/japan-declares-new-state-of-emergency-bars-spectators-from-olympic-games

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6 thoughts on “Japan Locks Down, Bans Olympic Spectators”

  1. Let me get this straight. Japan has declared a state of emergency for their country, yet the Olympics will take place as scheduled. Every country in the world will send athletes to said locked down country. Upon completion of the games, athletes will be sent to their home country potentially carrying a virus which would be spread world-wide. I believe it would be advantageous for athletes to be quarantined in Japan for a long period of time to keep from spreading the virus. Either ban the Olympics entirely or keep the athletes under quarantine. These are the only two options. To continue the games is too convenient.

  2. The goal of those who deliberately spread this virus is to totally lock down the entire planet, destroy the economy and security of the world then step in and take over.

    And just where did this virus originate? Where was it CREATED?

    In deepest darkest, reddest Communist CHINA. But, you know, it’s racism to point that out. After all, China is in “Asia” *GASP*. So the brainwashed of the world don’t.

    Enjoy the world you’ve created for yourselves Wokey Jokeys.

  3. Covid is, was and has always been a fake made up situation for governments to seize more control, the data was falsely stated the vaccine is not a vaccine it is a horrible experimental drug and causes more deaths. The governments instilled fear and the ignorance of the masses ran with that fear instead of learning and demanding facts and truth. The so called vaccine does not prevent getting the virus as a fact of reality it puts the virus inside a person hoping the body immune system will work it wonders as God intended. From the beginning we stated masks were useless, the vaccine was useless, lockdowns were useless, social distancing was ridiculous and has been proven to be correct year the stupid people still believe the various governments, why?

  4. Unfortunately Japan’s decision will be very difficult for their tourism industry. With well over 800 billion in lost revenue many may have to close their businesses. I personally think Japan may be acting unwisely. With only 30% vaccinated. they have chosen to be shortsighted.