Medical Authoritarianism Is Here to Stay


Over the last 2 months many of the mandates and edicts issued over COVID-19 have been removed. The unsuccessful lockdowns and mask wearing efforts are largely over in the US. Cases and deaths have continued to fall and are now trickling along at very low numbers compared to the winter peak.

The 7-day average daily deaths with COVID is now around 200 vs. the peak in January of over 3000. This data comes from the Worldometer tracking website. With all of that in mind, it does make the recent rhetoric and proposals around the vaccine effort seem more nefarious than altruistic.

Just last week Biden and his press secretary mentioned that they planned to send out “strike force teams” to knock on people’s doors about taking the jab. Now this week, Politico is reporting that the administration is leaning on social media companies and SMS carriers to censor “vaccine disinformation.” The government is not just in your DM’s, but is now planning to read and censor your text messages.

On CNN and other Pravda-type cable news channels, contributors continue to push for the stripping of rights and freedoms for the unvaccinated. This has been headlined by baby butcher, Dr. Leena Wen.

“It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated. Right now it’s kind of the opposite. Unvaccinated Americans are still allowed freedom. But at some point these mandates, by workplaces, by schools, I think it will be important to say, ‘Hey, you can opt out, but if you want to opt out, you have sign these forms, you have to get twice-weekly testing.’ Basically, we need to make getting vaccinated the easy choice.”

Also on CNN, Dr. Fauci made an appearance to claim that he was horrified by the thought of people not wanting the vaccine. Dr. Fauci then pushed for local vaccine mandates. “I have been of this opinion and I remain of that opinion, that I do believe, at the local level, Jake, there should be more mandates. There really should be. We’re talking about a life-and-death situation.”

In summary, the medical establishment is pushing for total destruction of the Bill of Rights and the American way of life, in order to inject everyone with these experimental drugs. This is supposedly all to stop a virus that currently has a death rate almost 10X lower than heart disease. Americans must realize that once their bodily autonomy has been handed over to these tyrants for COVID, it has been handed over for anything else as well.

America, please do not venture out onto this steep and slick slope.



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30 thoughts on “Medical Authoritarianism Is Here to Stay”

  1. Facts that the pro vaccine crowd cannot walk their way around….
    * NO studies OR facts about the long term effects of this vax (10 to 15 years out) are known. Anyone telling you different are full of crap.
    * This is still considered EXPERIMENTAL!! The FDA has not even aporoved it as a vaccine!
    * Non approved experimental medicines are for EMERGENCY USE ONLY!!! Look arpund… Does it look like we are in an emergency to you?
    * Big pharma has been INDEMNIFIED FROM ANY LIABILITY for adverse reactions and deaths associated with this vax. You have NO recourse.
    * Businesses and employment entities that mandate the vax as a condition to work? ARE NOT LIABLE for any adverse effects to you!! They can order you to take it or get fired, but if you get ill or die from a reaction? You’re on your own.
    * According to both the constution AND the Nuremburg code, NOBODY CAN FORCE YOU TO TAKE ANYTHING INTO YOUR BODY AGAINST YOUR WILL!!!! This is why govt is using proxies like corporations, businesses and citizen groups to pressure you into getting vaxed! Govt is harnessing these entities to do their dirty work FOR them.
    And these are merely a few of the facts without getting into ingredients, propaganda cover ups and the true number of adverse effects.
    Anyone willing to line up and volunteer to take this vax willingly? With the above being established fact? Is out of their minds.

  2. For all the investigating,experimentation, trials that have been done, doctors are STILL only promoting educated hypotheses. Mandating what an individual does with ones own body is tyrannical. Libertarians believe in autonomy and not tyranny. I respect YOUR wishes to avoid me but don’t expect me to conform to your assumed “educated” prejudices. .

  3. Prelude to the mark of the beast the bible warns about…anyone who does not have the mark will not be able to buy or sell anything…this vaccination mandating sounds like a test run for what the bible warns is coming.

  4. But I cant operate under Mixed Messages & lying information, sorry NO
    I refuse
    I just Ignore
    Been lying since 3-20 to date & NO 1 is challenging Dr Fauci day 1

  5. This farce has been by far the biggest lie ever perpetrated on mankind. The so called experts have changed their rhetoric so many times that people are completely confused about what to do. People die every day from heart disease, stroke, cancer and and numerous other illnesses but they have all been cured. Everyone who has died in the past 18 months has died from covid. How is this possible? Because it boosts the death toll of covid to scare people and keep them in line and under control. That is why the powers that be are so angry with anti vaxxers, they are the populace that are not being controlled and the government doesn’t like that. Now they are calling on people to turn in their family and friends for non compliance just like Hitler did in nazi Germany. Is this where we are headed? The false vaccine is hurting more people than helping. Vaccines are supposed to protect you from getting an illness but vaccinated people are still getting covid. Also, if you get covid, your immune system develops antibodies to the illness so you are now immune to the disease. Why are they insisting people still get the vaccine? All lies. Complete destruction of the people.

  6. There are really no words or comment that can encompass the wretched liars that continue to push the false narrative of this man-made and carefully engineered virus – Fauci is the COO of this team. He is the one who invested millions in the Wuhan lab who created this virus. His lies and propaganda has been extremely successful with the help of Team Biden, who we are to believe legitimately won the election – well, I don’t – MSM, and the well orchestrated talking heads in the medical community. We have doctors like Wen actively promoting that Americans (this is still America, right??) be “labeled” (Holocaust come to mind?), stripped of their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and forced to acquiesce to the GOVERMENT’S DEMANDS to inject whatever chemicals they choose into YOUR BODY. She should have her medical license revoked. It’s absolutely mind-numbingly divisive and terrifying. Strangely, since COVID began, there is no such thing as seasonal flu! Evidently, all other viral strains and mutations that plagued MILLIONS in the fall/winter for centuries has completely vanished! It’s as if a deep sleep has fallen over so many who blindly trust, follow and believe these kooky, nutty elected “leaders” while our country is utterly being destroyed. Wake up folks!

  7. And yet some people still want a national healthcare system? Imagine how authoritative it will become if the government controls your healthcare.

  8. And yet some people still want government health care? Imagine how authoritarian health care will become once the government has control over it.

  9. Florida does not have vaccine passports as some states! However, I visited my doctor’s office yesterday and was greeted with a huge sign that said if you were fully vaccinated you could enter without mask if not you must wear mask. Then when I entered without mask the desk person asked for my proof of being vaccinated in front of all waiting to be seen by doctor. Would this be in direct opposition of one’s privacy? The doctor argued with me that he had the right to do what he pleased within his office. I walked out!

  10. We do have freedoms here in America not enjoyed by some countries. We take them for granted. But when it’s time to pull together, resistance and back-biting arises. Now, children are in hospitals and Delta Variant AND Covid cases and deaths ARE on the rise. WHY do we keep having to lose loved ones and carry this plague on? Let’s stamp it out and work on sources. Hasn’t history taught us that whole civilizations (we know of) were wiped out by plagues. ….do you suppose knowing how to deal with them averts that?!

  11. If the vaccines were proved safe and effective, maybe even compulosory vaccination might be justified. I would like to see the point argued, But they are still untested and there are disturbing reports about their side effects; I have taken a wait and see policy: I am uncomfortable using other people as my guinea pigs, but I am not doing anything to encourage them to accept this role. Meanwhile why in the name of heaven are vaccines politically correct and cures (especially one that worked well for former President Trump) politically suspect?

    1. To answer the question: “Meanwhile why in the name of heaven are vaccines politically correct and cures (especially one that worked well for former President Trump) politically suspect?”

      Answer: Because that wasn’t the deal made between big govt and big pharma. Follow the money.

  12. Guess common sense does not reign with you…you should be held responsible for all the deaths and misery that is coming because of your ignorance…hope you will be satisfied for carrying out the “New Republican Rhetoric”…call yourselves something else..”.Republican” used to stand for democracy, law and order, and country!

  13. I am very disappointed that any type of medical and/or dental facility is still requiring masks to enter their offices. Do they think their doorways are raging infection areas? Are they vaccinated but don’t believe that they are effective? Will this be a permanent type of restriction? It seems so ridiculous to me….that they don’t trust the readily available scientific evidence of the useless masking and the detrimental side effects they cause – how can medical personnel be so tone deaf and so determinedly obstinate about these ridiculous requirements?

  14. They are asking for war. There is no excuse to force people to get vaccinated for a virus that has a 98% recovery rate. This isn’t polio or smallpox where there was an actual pandemic.

  15. If you go onto Americasfrontlinedoctors web site and listen to the information that USA has patents on virus’s – you will see that the vaccine mandate was the goal from the beginning. That it was all ‘invented’ and patented by 2016 – that it’s all about money.


  17. This longtime (true) Republican completely agrees with Dr. Fauci and 1000% DISAGREES with American Announcement who evidently is on a crusade to kill off Americans all in the name of personal freedom. The staff writers of this article for AA are retards especially in light of the huge increase just this last week in cases, hospitalizations, and in deaths as the EASILY-TRANSMITTABLE Delta variant takes hold. This surge should now be known as the Covid-19 Breakaway Surge for Unvaccinated Persons. All of you IDIOTS who are not getting vaccinated are purely living in a state of unadulterated ignorance. If you still choose to remain stupid and ignorant, then please make sure you are never in public – indoors or outdoors – without a mask. If you care about your friends, your family, i.e. nieces, nephews. you better have a mask on when you’re near the young ones or just other people. This Delta variant of Covid-19 is much bigger than all of you ‘Deniers’ put together. It is the danger that all of you could be carrying around and not even know it. And don’t think you’re protected just because you already had a bout with the virus. The immunity you got from Covid is short-lived and is not even close to being much protection from the Delta variant. And all of you ignoramuses that refuse to get vaccinated – of which most are Trump followers – you are now downtrodding and stomping all over one of Trump’s few accomplishments as President and that was his campaign to put a vaccine on a Warp-Speed fast track. If you love him as much as you say you do, then support his Warp Speed efforts.

    1. You are the ignorant one- read up on the death shots and then we’ll talk about “life and death situations. The shot is unproven and unsafe. You are clueless!!!

    2. The views of Baylor University’s Doctor Peter McColllough (with FAR MORE CREDENTIALS than you) contradicts everything you stated.

      Furthermore, ppl are not dying from the Delta variant at ANYWHERE near the rate that ppl originally died from COVID and why:
      – there are now medications (Ivermectin, Remdesivere, etc) to treat ppl
      – hospitals aren’t turning COVID patients away because they aren’t “sick enough”
      – medical facilities now understand how best to treat ppl
      – the Delta variant is not as deadly even though it appears to transmit more easily

      Have you noticed that YouTube and other big tech companies are preventing contradictory views from well-established doctors from being shared? I wonder why. This is nothing more than a money grab between govt and big pharma . . . . nothing more.

  18. NO to Medical Authoritarianism. Fauci has been wrong on so many fronts that people are disregarding anything he has to say and rightfully so. STOP HIS RHETORIC. It is no longer valid.

  19. Are COVID deaths real? Yes, but they are NOT anywhere near the rate they were at 18 months ago when this all started. Even in the United Kingdom, where the Delta variant was spreading, the deaths are not nearly where anyone anticipated.

    Why is big brother pushing the vaccines?? Follow the money – it’s that simple!