Nord Stream 2 Deal Solidifies Biden’s Weak Stance toward Russia

Former President Donald Trump didn’t shy away from confrontation with Russia, announcing a decision last year to withdraw and reduce the existing military presence in Germany, redirecting a portion toward eastern European allies. This move came as a response to the failure of Germany and other NATO allies to contribute their fair share toward defense spending. This decision was met with heavy criticism as many politicians claimed that an eastward push would signal an act of aggression toward Russia. Fast forward a year, and the new administration is adopting an indirectly softened position on Russia, evidenced in complicity in Germany’s Nord Stream 2 deal. 

Biden apparently cares less about deterrence and more about politics. The editorial team for National Review discusses the Biden administration’s most recent international posturing, stating that “the administration has consistently deferred to German sensitivities, if not rhetorically, then in practice.” 

In May, the Biden administration effectively ended Congressional sanctions leveled against major players in the deal, paving the way for the project’s completion. The pipeline, which runs from Russia to Germany beneath the Baltic Sea, threatens Ukraine’s ability to use current pipeline transit routes through its country as leverage against Russian encroachment.    

Berlin claims only economic self-interest, denying the political implications of such a deal, and President Biden seems more interested in cozying up with Germany than ensuring long-term security on Europe’s eastern front.  “While we remain opposed to this pipeline, we reached the judgment that sanctions would not stop its construction and risked undermining a critical alliance with Germany, as well as with the EU and other European allies,” said a senior administration official.  

While the agreement crafted between the U.S. and Germany contains some concessions for safeguarding European security, it represents a figurative slap in the face to Poland and Ukraine. Eastern European leaders now have cause to question Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s May promise to stand with Ukraine and appeal to “Russia to cease reckless and aggressive actions.” The foreign ministers of both European nations regard the deal as insufficient to “effectively limit the threats created by NS2.”

It seems Biden cares more about restoring relations with a self-interested Germany than the whole of European security.

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Aly is a military spouse and mom to two. She has a special interest in international security and foreign affairs, having lived overseas, worked with Sister Cities International and served as a commissioning editor for an international relations website. Aly holds a Masters in Global Studies and International Relations from Northeastern University and currently resides in Tennessee.
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4 thoughts on “Nord Stream 2 Deal Solidifies Biden’s Weak Stance toward Russia”

  1. Emperor Biden could care less about the political consequences of any of his actions. The guy doesn’t think much further than the next sentence and can mess that up or lose his train of thought without even trying. The main concern is to undo whatever President Trump has done and help his socialist and communist comrades across the globe. It is also never clear who is actually pulling his strings, but it is useful to think of his regime as a continuation of the Obama Administration. One only has to look at this one act to see where his priorities lie. Killing off a pipeline that would have helped America’s energy needs while allowing a pipeline that helps Russia and Germany to the detriment of Europe. These kinds of unilateral decisions that circumvent the legislature, i.e. the will of the people must end. El Presidente has shown nothing but contempt for the Constitution and half of the nation through his executive edicts. He is a moron which the Democrat party should never have installed as president.

  2. Of course Trump could go through the motions of standing up to Russia. But Putin knew this was nothing more that a part of the Trump circus–an act. Russia was deep into Trump’s pockets–aka loans to his crumbling business empire. Putin wasn’t worried about Trump! No need to be; he could wipe out Trump with one little poison vial (like he does to dissidents) and nobody would be the wiser. The Secret Service could not protect Trump from Putin. Putin laughs at Trump, seeing him as a loser.

  3. Just take a look at what “the World” sees as the face of the ‘United States of America’! 🥺 🤯 😵‍💫 God Help America!