Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine More Concerned About Inclusivity than Biology

We live in a world where biological men are now allowed to compete in women’s sports. Social media accounts are littered with users’ chosen pronouns. Gender dysphoria is now recognized as a mental illness by the American Psychological Association. It should therefore come as no surprise that the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine has now followed suit in its new position on language regarding infant feeding. 

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) defines itself as a “worldwide organization of medical doctors dedicated to the promotion, protection, and support of breastfeeding.” In a recently released position statement, the ABM introduced guidelines for the “consistent use of specific, comprehensive, and non-judgmental language” in reference to infant feeding. In it, the organization notes that not all individuals who give birth or engage in breastfeeding choose to identify as women and are thus owed the protection of gender-inclusive language that encompasses “all breastfeeding/chestfeeding and human milk- feeding individuals.”

Authors of the 4-page document concluded their new guidelines with a chart that compared “traditional terms” with “gender-inclusive terms,” offering “parent” and “gestational parent” as suitable substitutes for “mother, father, birth mother.” Appropriate terminology for breastmilk now includes “human milk,” and “lactating parent” or “lactating person” ought to be used in place of “breastfeeding mother or nursing mother.” All for the sake of inclusivity.  

This new statement serves only to confuse through its capitulation to personal preference rather than an acknowledgment of God-given biology. It aligns all too well with the ideological whims of today, rather than the objective truths of yesterday. 

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6 thoughts on “Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine More Concerned About Inclusivity than Biology”

  1. i believe this is another example of the extreme that certain people have gone to that is mental degradation. I feel that this total exercise lacks reality and is certainly not faith based. I do not care what people think themselves to be gender wise but do not force me to address them in a manner I feel is incorrect. Let me have the freedom speak it as I see it and they can have the freedom to call themselves whatever they want. Perhaps they should see a mental health expert?

  2. My assessment: This has NOTHING to do with any person’s feelings. It has NOTHING to do with gender-inclusive language that encompasses “all”. It DOES have EVERYTHING to do with commandeering the American English language, as another tool to advance an Oligarch agenda.

    It will be very intimidating for any traditional citizen to object, when they must navigate: “consistent use of specific, comprehensive, and non-judgmental language”. One “insensitive” (but grammarly correct) mistake in their presentation of reason, and the traditional citizen will be mocked and shut down.

    Expose the activists money sources. Shine a harsh light on the enablers, by mapping and charting who they are connected with. If appropriate, expose their past exploits.

  3. Maybe the leaders at the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) should go nurse on a big, hairy male nipple. I’m sure they’ll get PLENTY of nutrition . . . . .NOT.

  4. omg is nothing just a womans or mothers special time with her baby anymore. Why do we do such stupid stuff for such a tiny tiny % of the population. Get over it. You were born a male nothing can make you a nursing mother. grow up and get over it.

  5. So, if gender dysphoria is officially recognized as a mental illness, why are they not trying to find treatments for it? People with other delusions and disconnects from reality are given medications and therapy to try to get them back in line with reality, after all. Thinking you’re a unicorn doesn’t make you a unicorn, and thinking you’re a female when you were born a biological male, or thinking you’re a male when you were born a biological female, falls into the same category.