Ella French: #SayHerName

Don’t recognize this name? You probably don’t. It’s not likely to be plastered all over your social media feeds or placed at the top of mainstream news headlines and home pages. 

While details regarding her murder and those responsible are still forthcoming, here’s what we know about the slain Chicago police officer: 

Ella French was just 29-years-old, a three-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. Officer French had just returned from maternity leave and now leaves behind a two-month-old daughter. She was a member of the community safety team, a special unit convened under the direction of police superintendent David Brown to respond to crime hotspots across the city. On Saturday, August 7, this young CPD officer and first-time mother was killed at a traffic stop, shot in the face. 

Her colleague, whose name at the time of writing has yet to be released, remains in hospital fighting for life. Local news reports that the officer sustained three gunshot wounds, with one bullet having exited an eye, another lodged in the back of his head, and the third in his shoulder.  

CPD superintendent Brown said of his officers, “They go to work, risking everything to serve the people of Chicago. “They come to work, willing to run toward things, toward gunfire, and they’re willing to sacrifice their lives to save the lives of perfect strangers.” Office Ella French’s murder “marks the 27th time a Chicago police officer has been shot and the 11th time an officer has actually been shot.”  

The events of last weekend highlight an alarming national trend of a rise in violence against police. FBI data reveals that by end of July, 44 law enforcement officers had been feloniously killed in the line of duty, up from 31 officers killed during the same time frame last year and representing a 41.9% increase. Fox News reports the number of officers shot by June 30 of 2021 had reached 128. 

The nation’s largest law enforcement union, Fraternal Order of Police, attributes rising anti-police sentiment and violence against law enforcement to the “defund police” movement. FOP President Patrick Yoes told Fox News, “I think that the present climate that we see throughout the country right now and the dehumanization of law enforcement is certainly, I think, having some impact on the aggression towards law enforcement.”

While elected officials, like Democrat Representative Cori Bush, maintain their $70 thousand private security and call for de-funding the police, officers across the nation continue to fall victim to violent crimes. 

Officer Ella French (Credit: Chicago Police)

Ella French

Killed: August 7, 2021


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Aly is a military spouse and mom to two. She has a special interest in international security and foreign affairs, having lived overseas, worked with Sister Cities International and served as a commissioning editor for an international relations website. Aly holds a Masters in Global Studies and International Relations from Northeastern University and currently resides in Tennessee.
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1,116 thoughts on “Ella French: #SayHerName”

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      At the time this piece was written, sources were misreporting that Officer French left behind a newborn. This has since been corrected in original sources, and news outlets are now reporting the correct information. I will submit a request to the website to update information at the bottom of this article.

  1. The Mayor and city “fathers” should be held totally accountable for the murder spree going on in Chicago with all the shootings and crime. This is an abomination and never should have happened. Condolences to these officers’ families and a pox on the Administration.

    1. You will never see any public official blamed for this. If the perverts who did this are caught, they will be back on the streets in no time to do it again.

  2. Stick the Chicago mayor, State AG, and every Chicago city official who voted to defund the police in a cage for the next 30 years along with the two sub-humans who killed Ella French and wounded her partner.

  3. I lived in Chicago twice and would never go back. I was born and raised in St. Louis and I think that the entire democratic management system is the worst ever. And Cori Bush is as arrogant and clueless as anyone.
    And the City Mayor, Prosecutor and have no apparent management skills.
    And the St Louis County Executive is also another who has never had to make a payroll.

  4. The sentence for killing a police officer should be automatic death penalty…assaulting an officer 15 to 25 yrs…interfering and harrassing an officer trying to do their job should carry at least a 5 yr sentence..then see how brazen and aggressive these thugs will be.Attempted murder or seriously injuring an officer should result in life without parole.

  5. Bless her family and especially her precious baby.
    Arm the public, put the police force on administrative leave with pay. See how that works. See how those who scream ‘defund the police’ handle it.

  6. This is so sad, almost beyond belief. Stop the stupid and terrible rhetoric about defunding the police. Respect and support the police.
    Impeach and remove the mayor, AG and all those standing in the way of law and order and justice.

  7. The fossil press has slowly abandoned the people over the last decades, Now they are just part of the established order, and they cow-tow to the entrenched powers. They used to be just yellow journalists as I was growing up; now they are blazing red. What a dishonorable profession!

    So sad about Officer French and her colleague, may he recover.

    As for Rep, Cori Bush, what a waste of oxygen she is!

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