White House Considers Measures to Pressure Institutions into Mandating COVID Vaccine


During an August 3 speech at the White House, President Biden appealed once again to Americans to get vaccinated and referred to the vaccine as the “best line of defense” against the new Delta variant. The new strain of COVID accounts for the majority of new cases tracked across the nation and is expected to continue to rising numbers in the coming weeks. 

By July’s end, NBC News reported that of the 125,682 breakthrough cases tracked across 38 states, they account for less than .08 percent of the more than 164 million people fully vaccinated since January. As the aggressive Delta variant continues to spread, more Americans are opting to be vaccinated, particularly in states where vaccination rates have been lowest and case numbers have risen. Jen Kates of the Kaiser Family Foundation remarked that “Cases are rising, and almost all of those who are hospitalized and dying are unvaccinated. The data are right there, and I think people are realizing that vaccines are our best bet at controlling this.” 

Whether or not data is playing a central role in the decision-making of Americans to be vaccinated or not, the Biden administration looks to persuade the undecided and strongarm those adamantly against the vaccine. The President outlined efforts his administration is prepared to undertake not just to incentivize the vaccine, but also to coerce those who’ve held out thus far. Among the “tough, sometimes unpopular steps,” Biden proposed:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses will be reimbursed for allowing employees paid time off to get themselves and immediate family members vaccinated
  • Federal workers will be required to report their vaccination status or face “strict requirements” (e.g. masking, once to twice per week testing, travel restrictions, etc.)
  • Federal contractors are also directed to have their workers vaccinated
  • The COVID-19 vaccine will be added to the long list of already required vaccines for service members, and those that fail to comply will be subject to chapter
  • Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare workers and staff are now required to be vaccinated

In addition to those steps outlined above, the White House has since threatened to cut off federal funding to institutions, such as nursing homes, that fail to comply with vaccine mandates for employees. According to one White House official, “As we always are, the Covid response team is discussing a host of different measures we can continue to boost vaccinations across the country.” 

There’s informing. There’s cajoling. There’s persuading. And there’s downright coercion. Americans should be allowed to consider the data for themselves, rather than allow the government to decide for them.

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Aly is a military spouse and mom to two. She has a special interest in international security and foreign affairs, having lived overseas, worked with Sister Cities International and served as a commissioning editor for an international relations website. Aly holds a Masters in Global Studies and International Relations from Northeastern University and currently resides in Tennessee.
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6 thoughts on “White House Considers Measures to Pressure Institutions into Mandating COVID Vaccine”

  1. What is in the shot that the government is so adamant about injecting into the bodies of every American? They know that over 12,000 people have died in the US alone from this shot. They know that tens of thousands have suffered adverse effects like blood clots, miscarriages, heart problems, liver problems, neurological issues, etc. and yet they want to force this shot on you. They want to inject our children. When the Swine Flu vaccine killed 25 people, the FDA pulled it. Now thousands have died and they don’t care. This experimental drug and its long term effects will become known in the next year or two. I will not be a guinea pig for the government or Big Pharma.

    1. Lindy – it’s NOT a vaccine – it’s an mRNA. It is a messenger, telling your DNA to produce certain proteins/ enzymes. This is a terrific approach for treating cancer because the same DNA that caused the cancer can be told how to destroy it – all within the same body.

      However, COVID is an external virus that invades the body. AND we now have knowledge on how best to treat those who get COVID, with Ivermectin and Remdesevir.

      The ex-Vice President of Pfizer has claimed people should avoid getting the COVID jab because it will become a serious health issue in 2-3 years.

  2. This mandate will be the spark that starts the Second Civil War in America. Then again, that’s what the Left has wanted all along – to destroy America.

    Folks, when the smoke clears, remember who the Leftists, Marxists, and Communists are because those are the same people who must be tossed into a prison for the next 30 years. Or better yet, ship them off to North Korea – I’m sure little rocketman can use some more slaves.

  3. At age 20 I entered US Military Service, as HS graduate in 1947. N.Korea attacked across into S. Korea in June 1950, and I enlisted, at noon on lunch break from work, and that evening about 8 PM, Recruiter drove me to parents farm to pick up birth certificate, and process me on Monday. (Friday 13 October 1950). Mother handed me Draft Notice for immediate reporting, so he took me back to County Seat, to my room over weekend. On Monday, I went to Selective Service Office, and received permission to process for Air Force, where I passed AFQT and Physical, and was sworn into Air Force.
    Found Air Force opened whole new door of education, training, promotions, and NO UNION. Stayed in for 26 years 18 days, and worked in Personnel, Administration, Avionics, and became Master Instructor, with last 7 years (1970 to 1976) in Satellite Communications, where I was Enlisted Detachment Commander, for Field Training Units, Teaching USAF Military and Foreign students of Greece and Turkey, on F102A Interceptors and then Canadians and National Guard on F101, with Hughes Aircraft Electronic Weapons Systems. USA then sold those aircraft to those countries in 1960s. In Satellite Communications, I also worked in Top Secret projects, briefing 2 Admirals (1 was CINCPAC) on capability of a TACSATCOM terminal I managed and installed, with 17 Subordinates. We linked the planet with present communications used in Military, and followed closely by Civilian Communications. Now with HD and Digital. ———My point is, I was immunized, receiving vaccinations to be qualified to go anywhere on planet Earth, with little notice, and short reporting . And during that I was stationed where different diseases could be and were experienced.
    ———Retired in 1976, Wife and I traveled 44 of the 50 states, and now at 91 (92 in November) I do not come in contact with strangers, no longer hold public meetings, in the Military Retired Organizations I am member or have been officer of, and no longer working as Volunteer Advisor to Governor of Colorado, or to Federal, State Officials, or their staffs. I do not need the Vaccine, and will not accept it, unless it is prescribed and administered by my General Health provider, or my Cardiologist. Neither has recommended it for me, though we coordinated, when I had Kidney problem last year, and also had knees injected, by State Orthopedic Office personnel, so I could walk with my rollator chairs, or walkers. In 2008, I had heart-Atrial Fibrillations, followed by 4 episodes, with 3 Cardio-Versions. All is balanced now, under control, and I will not put anything into my body, unless prescribed by my Care Providers.
    ——-Dr. Facuci is now a numbers cruncher, not a practicing doctor in a clinic, and I find nowhere he ever did care for patients in hospital or clinic. Wend directly to office where he has been for too many years. I do not trust him, but I do trust my care providers who are well trained, and professional.