The Mandates are Coming

As the American people suffered through listening to Joe Biden’s extremely divisive and fascistic speech on Thursday, the true danger of the COVID-19 pandemic should have come into sharper focus for many. While COVID-19 is a serious virus that has certainly caused significant death and harm, the much more serious threat is the total loss of liberty due to government overreach and citizen compliance.

For almost 2 years now the US and other western countries have aggressively stripped away rights from citizens all under false pretenses. It started with 15 days to flatten the curve and continued with 30 days to slow the spread then governments moved on to mask mandates without any evidence of their efficacy. At some point, stores put down tape or stickers at 6’ intervals, indicating where customers could safely stand. Like the mask mandates and lockdowns, there was no evidence to support the efficacy of standing 6’ apart. Everyone was told lies, and nearly everyone followed along. Now the same people who have been repeatedly lied to on everything COVID-related and more are told to get the vaccine… but their trust in the institutions is all gone.

Joe Biden and his regime don’t care about any of the above, which is why he has moved on to full-fledged tyranny. In his speech on Thursday, Biden announced that through executive fiat, he was going to force all Americans who work for large companies to be vaccinated or tested at least weekly. In under 2 years, 15 days to flatten the curve has turned in to be injected or starve. And it doesn’t end there. Dr. Fauci, whose organization likely funded the research in Wuhan China that produced the virus, talked to “theSkimm” about his support for mandating vaccines for air travel. 

“I would support that if you wanna get on a plane and travel with other people that you should be vaccinated.”

The mandates are coming. The Biden regime will continue to find places to mandate the shot that affect the largest number of people. The only way back to freedom is through massive civil disobedience. The free world is currently engaged in a fight to the death.

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