When You Just Can’t Help but Politicize a Tragedy

While thousands of Kentucky citizens continue to reel over the massive devastation and loss of life caused by tornadoes this past weekend, some national figures took the opportunity to politicize the tragedy, casting blame on Republicans and policies for the natural disaster.

In Sunday’s interview on CBS’s Face the Nation, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear described “devastation like none of us have ever seen before.” Beshear stated more than 80 people are known to be dead with the death toll likely to exceed 100 as search and recovery efforts remain underway. The majority of casualties resulted from a candle factory that collapsed with workers still inside as tornados ravaged the city of Mayfield, KY. 

In response to CBS’s Margaret Brennan’s request to account for the seasonably uncharacteristic storms, Beshear said, “Well, as of today, just a day after, we’re worried about finding other Kentuckians, we’re worried about providing shelter for them. We are grieving with so many families and we’ll worry about or think about the cause once we have everybody stabilized.”

As Beshear grieves the loss of life and rallies Kentucky communities in the aftermath of the storms, President Biden was quick to identify climate change as the culprit for last weekend’s deadly tornadoes. Biden, who has spent the last several months engaged in efforts to push a massive climate change bill through Congress, stated, “This is one of those times we’re not Democrats or Republicans.” The President took the opportunity also to claim that “we all know everything is more intense when the climate is warming and obviously it has some impact here.” He conveyed his intent also to commission the Environmental Protection Agency to further consider an explanation. 


Biden isn’t the only Democrat to politicize the tragic loss of life, however. Representative Eric Swalwell of California tweeted his criticism of KY Senator Rand Paul’s voting record. In the same statement that he offered condolences to Kentucky, he stated also, “But do not for one second forget that Rand Paul has voted against helping most Americans most times they’re in need.”

Tragedy is apparently never not political.

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Aly is a military spouse and mom to two. She has a special interest in international security and foreign affairs, having lived overseas, worked with Sister Cities International and served as a commissioning editor for an international relations website. Aly holds a Masters in Global Studies and International Relations from Northeastern University and currently resides in Tennessee.
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8 thoughts on “When You Just Can’t Help but Politicize a Tragedy”

  1. I find it totally Embarrassing, Frustrating and Anti-American how so many individuals can take it upon themselves to
    Falsely make claims for “Political” Reasons !!!! There is No Need for Demoncrats to do so as they will just continue Corrupting the election process for their own gains !!! So Much For “We The People”, The Rule Of Laws, Our Economy, Our Personal and National Security, Our Constitution and Our True American Values !!!!!

    Wake Up America, We Are In Very, Very Serious, Gave and Dire Danger “From Within” and From China, O’Biden’s Ally !!!!

  2. Haters gonna hate. Progressives are well known for their hateful attitude toward anything they believe can perpetuate something they want supported. I’m surprised one of them hasn’t claimed those who died all also had COVID.

  3. Climate change may indeed have contributed to the devastating tornado we just suffered. And if so, wouldn’t it be a good idea to stop trying to alter the climate artificially? Our government has wasted billions on climate-altering facilities and is even now sowing chemtrails all across America, dropping poisonous elements all over our land and water. And there’s HAARP, one such function, that disrupts sea life. Seems to me the weather is best left up to a merciful God. Don’t mess with God’s business.

  4. This is the tried and true way that radical/liberal democrats influence the weak minded; those who cannot and will not look into other ‘news’ sources. They have been playing this blame game for decades and with the help of a corrupt media, have deceived many.
    But the truth is: EVERYTHING THE DEMS BLAME ON THE REPUBLICANS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE DEMS THEMSELVES ARE GUILTY OF!!! That has been proven every time a REAL fact check has been done.

  5. Thinking Rep Swalwell, needs to concentrate on His state of California, in helping his people, instead of beating up some other states rep ! Maybe he can help Paloozer with SF ?