New FDA Commissioner Further Proves Biden’s Avid Pro-Abortion Agenda

The fight against Roe v. Wade wages on in states across the country. A new battleground now emerges, however, as the Senate voted this week to confirm Biden’s pick for commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. Robert M. Califf was narrowly confirmed Tuesday in a Senate vote of 50 to 46. His confirmation to the FDA’s top seat foreshadows the advancement of the abortion industry, resulting in both the certain death of many unborn babies and the likelihood of serious health risks for women.

Following Biden’s nomination last fall, Califf faced opposition from members of both parties after Senate confirmation hearings revealed his controversial role in lessening restrictions on reporting requirements following the use of abortion pills. In a letter to the editor, President Chuck Donovan of the pro-life Charlotte Lozier Institute highlighted alarming concerns over Califf’s pending nomination that stemmed from decisions made during Califf’s time as FDA commissioner in 2016. Califf reportedly “authorized the weakening of data reporting requirements on medical complications that result from chemical abortions.” Donovan referred to peer reviewed research that indicates a more than 500% increase in emergency room visits related to chemical abortions since the early 2000s.

A January letter signed by the leaders of countless pro-life organizations nationwide sought also to raise the alarm on Biden’s choice for FDA Commissioner.  Prior to 2016, the FDA applied Risk and Evaluation Mitigation strategies to chemical abortion drugs, a strategy that requires the reporting of severe and fatal adverse events resulting from a drug’s use. Chemical abortions now comprise 44% of abortions nationwide, with some states performing chemical abortions as the primary means of abortion. “With this rapid shift by the abortion industry toward chemical abortion, the weakened reporting requirements for adverse events have obscured the full scope of complications associated with chemical abortion.” The letter goes on to highlight additional concerns, including the waived requirement for in-person visits with a physician prior to the drug’s use.

Despite obvious concerns for the lives of the unborn, Califf’s easy dismissal of reporting requirements for a dangerous drug once again demonstrates the rabid pro-abortion agenda of the Biden administration that elevates politics above science. Califf’s failure to ensure the adequate collection of data on abortion drugs ought to have sidelined his confirmation. A lack of medical observation for chemical abortions, weakened reporting requirements for adverse events, and the wide availability of dangerous drugs for those seeking abortion will prove dangerous not only to countless unborn Americans, but also women.

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