Biden’s Fifth Quarter Approval Ratings Remain Low

The results of a new Gallup poll released last week at the close of President Biden’s fifth quarter in office, revealing a dismal approval rating from constituents. The newest numbers show his approval ratings remain almost unchanged from fourth quarter, with a drop from 41.7% to 41.3% among U.S. adults polled.

President Biden enjoyed majority approval ratings during his first two quarters in office. Owing, however, to the disastrous U.S. pull-out from Afghanistan, a surge in new COVID cases, and a rapid rise in gas prices and inflation, Biden suffered a blow to public support, with only 41% of Americans approving of his job performance and 56% brandishing disapproval.

Notably, President Biden’s fifth quarter average is lower than any other elected president, expect that of President Donald Trump’s. The former president averaged 39.1% in his fifth quarter. Biden now joins former presidents Trump, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter in minority approval ratings at this point in their terms in office.

Gallup analyst Jeffrey Jones suggests that it’s unlikely the President’s approval ratings will improve prior to this November’s midterm elections. “Typically, unpopular presidents’ parties have lost seats in midterm elections, with the number of seats lost usually much higher for presidents with job approval ratings below 50%.” President Trump remains the only president to see any gains in job approval ratings between fifth and seventh quarters.

Democrats will have to fight hard to maintain their slim majority in the House of Representatives and to win a majority in the Senate this fall. On the heels of consistently low approval ratings, former President Barack Obama visited the White House earlier this month as a show of support for his former vice president. The visit came in conjunction with the 12th anniversary celebration of the Affordable Care Act and Biden’s announcement of expansions to the legislation.

The White House’s response to the enduring conflict in Ukraine and historic rates of inflation are expected to play a role in who controls both houses of Congress. With consistently low approval ratings, President Biden looks to rally Democrats through the summer and early fall.

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  1. The rating was down to 26 and you people say 41 come on that is bullshit and you know it I have not talked to anyone who approves of the job this idiot is doing That fact of the matter he is not doing anything right He is not allowing traditional values for families at home and especially in schools I believe that we have to pay taxes even if we do not have children of school age So in that respect I as an individual taxpayer I should have the right to go inspect schools to make sure that they are teaching the proper thing to children I know it is not usual thing to do however in the light of what some teachers are trying to indoctrinate children This is not what people are sending their children to school for and these teachers are not qualified to teach I would like for teachers to send a copy of lesson plans home to parents so that so many will not have to check out the classroom for themselves to see that the children are being taught and by that I mean reading writing and arithmetic and the basics of health without all of the sex and sex change bullshit that does not concern the teachers This is something that the parents are responsible for and the teachers have no business getting into If they think that they do then they need to start their own scholl and publish exactly what they are trying to force on the students