Florida Judge Strikes Down Part of DeSantis-proposed Redistricting Map


A Florida judge has struck down parts of a new congressional district map proposed by Governor Ron DeSantis.

The legislature initially approved a map which was ultimately vetoed by Gov. DeSantis, insisting the Legislature consider his own proposal.

DeSantis’s proposed map created 18 Republican-leaning seats and eight Democrat-leaning seats in the traditional swing state. The remaining two Miami-area districts would be competitive but are currently held by Republicans.

A Democrat-leaning congressional district currently held by Rep. Al Lawson (D) and stretching from Jacksonville west to Tallahassee would have been eliminated by DeSantis’s proposed map.

DeSantis’s intervention in the redistricting process was considered unprecedented for a governor in modern times. The move took multiple Republican legislators aback especially considering that they had passed their own maps.

Smith opted to adopt a map proposed by plaintiffs, which leaves much of the rest of DeSantis’s map intact. The revised version redraws northern Florida to maintain Lawson’s district.

“I am finding the enacted map is unconstitutional under the Fair District Amendment because it diminishes African Americans’ ability to elect candidates of their choice,” Smith said. (per The Hill)

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2 thoughts on “Florida Judge Strikes Down Part of DeSantis-proposed Redistricting Map”

  1. Whatever may be going on here, I strongly believe that the DemonCrats are infinitely more capable of deceptive gerrymandering that is Gov. Ron deSantis. They will commit any outrage to neutralize and even destroy any perceived opponent of their radical cause, Trump, deSantis and whoever. Remember Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his Rules for Radicals to ‘Satan the first radical’ not to forget the FATHER OF LIES.

  2. This article had a lot of words, but was short on news or information.

    I don’t know who the plantiffs are or what their agenda might be?

    I know a “judge has struck down parts of a new congressional district map”, but except for one district mentioned in the second to last paragraph, I don’t know which parts?

    Based on what was written it would appear that the judge has circumvented the constitution and separation of powers. The constitution requires the state legislature to draw up and approve the districts with the governor having the usual authority to sign or veto. According to this article this judge just decided what the districts will be. This is VERY DIFFERENT than a judge finding that a portion of the redistricting does not meet some legal requirement and remanding back to the legislature to fix that problem.

    I know “DeSantis’s intervention in the redistricting process was considered unprecedented” but I don’t know what exactly was unprecedented? Certainly this is NOT the first time a governor has vetoed a redistricting map.

    Based on what was there it appears that the vast majority of what DeSantis proposed was approved. But is that a correct characterization of what happened or simply the impression left because of other information that was missing from this article?