Former Trump Campaign Manager Cancels on Jan. 6th Hearing Appearance Hours Before Start

The committee’s first daytime hearing was derailed after Former Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien’s wife went into labor Monday morning. After a nearly hour-long delay to to the start of the hearing, his counsel appeared and made a statement on the record instead, according to The Hill.

Stepien was compelled to appear under a subpoena, and it is not clear how much information he would have been willing to give. A committee aide alluded to that point by declining to answer a pre-hearing question about how cooperative Stepien was expected to be.

He would have been the day’s star witness as the committee sought to show to what extent Trump was told he didn’t have the numbers to win, portraying his refusal to accept the numbers as “the big lie”.

The committee was expected to ask Stepien about Trump’s thinking when repeatedly told he had lost the election as well as how his claims of election fraud were used to fundraise.

Representative Bernie Thompson (D-MS), the chairman of the House committee, said he was “not sure” if Stepien would make up his appearance at a later date.

The hearing was uneventful, falling off the front pages of most mainstream media sites after their liveblogging concluded. The most interesting comments came after the hearing in an interview with CNN. Thompson and fellow Democrat Representative Zoe Lofgren (CA) stopped short of saying Trump had committed any crimes, only saying in their opinion he “misled” donors with his post-election fundraising claims.

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One thought on “Former Trump Campaign Manager Cancels on Jan. 6th Hearing Appearance Hours Before Start”

  1. What do you call what all the Democrats did when they all claimed that Trump was and had been colluding with the Russians to rig the 2016 elections, and then two years of the persecuting Mueller investigation, where it all was finally been proven lies, with no evidence anywhere that Trump ever colluded with anyone, and as all the Democrats claimed without an ounce of proof, just to sabotage President Trump’s administration, which is what the real Democrat insurrection turned out to be.

    It was all lies paid for and promoted by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, yet nobody has investigated Hillary Clinton and the DNC, because all of this BS is nothing but corrupt and criminal politics by again the Democrats, as has been the prosecution of conservative patriots persecuted by the Democrats, for protesting the Democrats’ stolen election in Washington DC on January 6, 2021.

    The American people are just not as stupid as the Democrats believe them to be, and the Democrats will be paying for all their corruption and crimes of attacking innocent conservative protesters that were protesting the Democrats’ stolen 2020 national election, this November in the 2022 national elections, for the American people know the truth, and that should scare the death out of the Democrats, and is why so many Americans are now attending President trump’s rallies.

    But as bad as it will be for the Democrats in the 2022 national elections, it will be much worse in the 2024 national elections, when Trump wins and becomes President again, because Trump has huge “Coattails”, and the Democrats will be made completely irrelevant in the 2025 US Congress, and will be for the next four years, which will be just as bad in 2029 when DeSantis takes Trump’s place as President, also with another Republican majority in both Houses of the US Congress.

    Pay back is Hell, so the Democrats will find out, as President Trump pardons all the innocent people that the Democrats persecuted, only because they were opponents to liberal Democrats’ socialism and the Democrats’ completely failed policies and agendas, proven by the recession that the USA is now in, just 11 months after Biden was inaugurated and the Democrats took majority control of both Houses of the US Congress.

    The “TRUTH” will set the innocent free and incarcerate the guilty persecutors who falsely prosecuted their patriotic opponents in order to illegally hold onto political power fraudulently obtained from the American people whose votes and elections were stolen by socialistic Democrats.