United States Becomes First Country to Authorize COVID Vaccine for Ages 6 Months and Up

Following authorization by the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control now recommends all children, ages 6 months and up be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. 

In a statement released from the White House last week, the President regarded potential authorization of the COVID-19 vaccine for ages 5 and under as an “historic milestone in the nation’s fight against the virus.” President Biden called the FDA’s decision this week a “monumental step forward” and quipped, “Everybody knows I like kids better than people.”

The United States notably became the first country to authorize vaccines for children younger than 5. Vaccine makers included in the emergency use authorization are Pfizer and Moderna. A similar announcement has yet to be made in Europe, where Germany joined several other nations on the continent last fall in suspending use of Moderna for individuals under the age of 30 after a small number of people developed myocarditis following vaccination. 

Many parents and care givers also expressed reticence to vaccinate their children in the event of authorization. According to a poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation earlier this year, only 18% of parents to children under the age of 5 “are eager to get their children vaccinated right away.” Another 27% of respondents said they would “definitely not” get their child vaccinated, and 11% said they would do so only if required. 

The trial for Moderna included a total of 1,700 children ages 6 months through 5 years. Approximately 1,100 vaccine recipients were followed for safety at least two months after receiving the second dose. Available safety data for the Pfizer vaccine derived from approximately 1,170 children who received the vaccine. 

A report released earlier this spring suggests that as many as three-quarters of children and adolescents had previously been infected with the COVID-19 virus. Regardless of the presence of antibodies, most within the medical community still maintain that vaccines provide the best and most effective defense against future infection and severity of illness.

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6 thoughts on “United States Becomes First Country to Authorize COVID Vaccine for Ages 6 Months and Up”

  1. You really want to subject your child to this There is medical proof that the virus seldom struck young children You cannot believe what the CDC says They all got bonuses from the drug companies Fauci received the most kickback money One writing said he received about 425,000 for his efforts If you care about your child don’t give them this garbage This is not a proven science yet They are not giving you all of the figures The deaths were not anywhere near what was reported The hospitals declared anyone who entered and died was a virus patient They just kept raking in the money It is all a money thing not a medical thing If all the information was true why didn’t Pfizer want to release the study they have done for 80 years They lost a court decision but the CDC FDA and NIH are all on the payroll of big Pharma Don’t risk your child for these people

  2. It’s not enough that the Biden communist regime wants to kill us with the vaccine of death, now they want to kill our children too. With countries around the world halting the use of the fake vaccine as well as questioning its real purpose by demanding the ingredients of the fake vaccine, it should make you wonder. Why are the so called “elites” pushing this so hard? How much money are they making? How many people are they willing to kill just to promote their agenda of the correct population for the world? That must be a huge number since most of those are wanting to depopulate the world by at least half of the current population.

  3. This is NOT based on any valid science. There is something evil, nefarious related to the COVID vaccine. Children up to age 18 are more likely to die from drowning, firearms, the flu, and car accidents. So the gubment should outlaw pools, guns (that may be closer than we think), and cars. This vaccine approval benefits no one except maybe Pfizer and Moderna. Certainly not the patients health care providers have vowed to protect.

  4. There is NO science to support this authorization. Except gubment science. It makes me ask what is in the COVID vaccine that makes the US gubment ignore real science. Something nefarious going on here. Children 18 years and younger are more likely to die from drowning, firearms, the flu, and car accidents than COVID. So let’s outlaw pools, cars, and guns (coming with Slo Joe). This is asinine, controlling, and most of all NON-SCIENTIFIC.

  5. The CDC is an absolutely worthless organization. They are nothing but a parrot mouthpiece for the gubment. And children up to 18 years of age have a higher chance of dying from drowning, firearms, the flu, and car accidents. So lets ban pools and cars while the dumb gubment is at it.