City of Orlando’s Fireworks Promo Claims America is Full of ‘Hate’, Not Worth Celebrating

The municipality’s City News email appealed to residents to see their fireworks display for their own sake despite there currently being nothing good to celebrate about the United States.

“A lot of people probably don’t want to celebrate our nation right now, and we can’t blame them. When there is so much division, hate and unrest, why on earth would you want to have a party celebrating any of it?” the email began, according to Mediaite.

It continued by saying that while America is “in strife” right now, “we already bought the fireworks” so people may as well come see the show.

Just hours later, the city issued a statement expressing “regret” that “some” were offended, which was apparently not their intent, though their non-apology did not include the words sorry or apologize.

The Orlando police union was among those that publicly objected, posting on Facebook that they “do not share the same views as the City of Orlando.”

“The members of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 25 are proud Americans who will continue to serve with Courage, Pride and Commitment to uphold their oath to defend our community and this country. We do not share the same views as the City of Orlando and find their comments inflammatory and in poor taste,” the statement read.

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2 thoughts on “City of Orlando’s Fireworks Promo Claims America is Full of ‘Hate’, Not Worth Celebrating”

  1. Only a few haters in America are full of hate. The hatred was catalyzed by race-baiters and hate-mongers, starting with Bathhouse Barry the Hater of America and the Apologist for America, who sowed the bitter seeds of hatred. George Washington Carver the great black scientist at the turn of the 20th century wrote to the effect that he was impressed by the progress of the black race since slavery’s downfall toward equality. The only danger, he said, was when unscrupulous individuals would pander to inflame the old hatreds and reopen old wounds to make themselves politically relevant, popular or rich.