BREAKING Midterm Watch 2022: SEN CAND. GA (R) Herschel Walker Takes The Lead Just 8 Days Out

According to Real Clear Politics (RCP), Georgia Senate Candidate (R) Herschel Walker takes a lead of +1.4 points. Throughout the race, (D) Raphael Warnock has maintained a slim advantage over Walker, however, throughout the weekend polls began to show the lead shifting to Walker.


FOX 5/InsiderAdvantage* 10/27 – 10/27 550 LV 4.2 48 45 Walker +3
NY Times/Siena* 10/24 – 10/27 604 LV 4.4 46 49 Warnock +3
Rasmussen Reports 10/23 – 10/24 1053 LV 3.0 48 43 Walker +5
Daily Wire/Trafalgar* 10/21 – 10/23 1076 LV 2.9 49 47 Walker +2
Landmark Communications* 10/15 – 10/17 500 LV 4.4 46 46 Tie



Throughout the race, Warnock has maintained a single-digit lead over Walker. According to RCP, Walker had only led the race one other time; in late September, where Walker maintained a +0.5 point lead for a few days before the lead shifted back to Warnock. In early October, allegations surfaced that alleged Herschel Walker, a pro-life candidate, paid for women’s abortions and fathered multiple children out of wedlock. The polls would reflect the negative news cycle surrounding Herschel Walker, and Raphael Warnock would end up holding onto a +5.2 point lead over Walker.

After the polling leveled out and many stopped believing the allegations surrounding Walker, Walker would go on to be aided by a strong debate performance. This helped many to believe that Herschel Walker could be a legitimate candidate for Senate, and not just a celebrity runningback who wants to be a Senator. The news cycle attempted to cling onto anything they could in order to drag Walker down, however, many of those who watched the debate believe Walker came out on top and agreed ideologically with him.

Since Walker’s strong debate performance the polls have been shifting in his favor. Last week, another allegation came out alleging that Walker paid for yet another woman’s abortion, however, the polls are reflecting that many are taking the side of Herschel Walker, and not believing yet another set of extremely conveniently timed allegations. If anything, the allegations and their obvious timing may be making voters lose trust in Warnock.

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One thought on “BREAKING Midterm Watch 2022: SEN CAND. GA (R) Herschel Walker Takes The Lead Just 8 Days Out”

  1. I have been troubled and concerned about the whole political shift in our Country, it seems to me that we do not have a deep concern for the real issues which are not really being addressed and although wat is being communicated about the disastrous performance of the actual radical left the point we are continuously missing is why and I have not heard many people addressing that this is a concerted effort from the international globalist to destroy our Country’s culture.
    I which, hope and pray that many of the soon to be elected republicans will be more than managers and be real thinkers so that the platform will be guided by strong fundamental issues that will secure a Presidency in 2024 and strengthen then and hopefully consolidate a strong agenda for the future of our Country; besides just addressing what need to be done to correct so many wrongs of the actual administration and issue that is essential for our mostly short sighted and politically either unsophisticated or purely ideological population