GOP Senate Candidate Assaulted Before Debate

Don Bolduc, Senate candidate in New Hampshire, was attacked and assaulted before last night’s debate against incumbent Sen. Maggie Hassan. According to his campaign, Bolduc was meeting outside with a crowd of supporters before his debate when he was struck by an anti-police activist. Bolduc, a retired Army brigadier general, even brought up the assault during the debate when he said, “It’s a sign of political problems—Republicans and Democrats—that fuel issues with people that get them to the point where they are just so upset at an individual that they strike out at them. Happened to me outside just before I came in.” The aftermath of the attack was caught on video and Bolduc can be heard shouting “he hit me. he hit me” towards the end of the clip:

Angie Wong, a spokeswoman for Bolduc’s campaign, denounced the incident on social media, confirming that Bolduc was unharmed and his attacker arrested. She wrote on Twitter, “We’ve got to stop the political violence encouraged by hate speeches from our leaders. [Bolduc] was attacked before his debate tonight. Luckily he is ok and his attacker arrested.”

On the very same night, Joe Biden gave a speech to the entire country which berated Republicans for stirring up political violence and in his eyes, causing the attack on Paul Pelosi. Needless to say the president said nothing about the BLM riots in the summer of 2020 and he will surely say nothing about the attack on Bolduc. To liberals, only violence against Democrats matters and all other political violence is not a ‘threat to democracy.”


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5 thoughts on “GOP Senate Candidate Assaulted Before Debate”

  1. That’s one reason we have the second amendment. The other is a government that tries to take away the rights of US citizens.

  2. For the Democrats / Socialcrats there is a two tier system of justice. One for them and one for everyone else. Hunter Biden is a PRIME example. With all the publicity of his corruption, he’s not being investigated. But, our previous and should still be now President is hounded daily by the weaponized FBI and Justice Department. It’s shameful.

    1. You are exactly right. I will never believe that Trump won the election. How can Biden get more votes then people alive? Please, we are not lambs going to slaughter, we are the Americans.

  3. I don’t condone violence, but the Democrats have a large hand in this. They have told their followers to go out, get in their face, that from the Democrats, and they are putting the blame on the Republicans. The Democrats are the lowest of low, and the sad part, they still have followers, that’s sad. Trump opened my eyes to just how corrupt they really are. That’s why he was hated. Not by what he did , but because they couldn’t buy him. Please.. we need to take our country back.