ANTIFA Rioters Arrested – Atlanta’s Not Portland

Following the killing of environmental activist Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, 26, who was shot by police in Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta Police officers had to deal with a night of ANTIFA rioters smashing windows and setting cars on fire.

Teran is alleged to have shot at police officers while defending a forest from “Cop City,” which is a police training center near Atlanta. Members of his environmental conservation community are alleging that the Atlanta police officer suffered a gunshot from friendly fire, and Teran had not fired a shot. However, there is no indication that an officer was shot by friendly fire at this time.

Following a police officer getting shot in the abdomen, Teran was believed to have fired the shot at the police officer. Teran would be shot and killed by a police officer, and his death created a wave of protests throughout a handful of cities, most notably in Atlanta, where seven rioters would go on to be arrested.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens said Saturday evening:

“Atlanta is safe and our police officers have resolved the disruptions downtown from earlier in the evening,”  adding, “The City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Police Department will continue to protect the right to peaceful protest. We will not tolerate violence or property destruction.”

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens would announce that some of the ANTIFA domestic terrorists also were carrying explosives.

FOX 5 Atlanta, also reported that the Rioters in Atlanta set off fireworks and threw rocks at the Atlanta Police Foundation on Saturday during the night of the riots.

Of course, this isn’t 2020 anymore, and Democrats aren’t attempting to keep race riots active in an attempt to influence the Presidental election, so, politicians actually spoke about the situation clearly. While in 2020, police officers didn’t attempt to stop BLM or ANTIFA rioters due to the fears that they’d be accused of being another racist cop, BLM and ANTIFA took the opportunity to burned down multiple cities and cost billions in damages.

However, Atlanta police managed to clean up the situation this time around swiftly.

House Minority Whip Democrat Katherine M. Clark’s son was reportedly arrested during an Antifa riot in Boston, Massachusetts Saturday night. Where according to the Boston Police Department, at about 9:30 pm officers responded to a call at the Parkman Bandstand Monument located in the Boston Common area.

When authorities arrived they were greeted by an individual defacing the monument with spray paint, using phrases like ‘NO COP CITY’ and ‘ACAB,’ both of which are popular anti-police activist phrases. This comes as Antifa members were protesting the “Antifa-occupied autonomous zone” after Atlanta, Georgia Antifa member Manuel Esteban Paez Teran was shot and killed by police after he shot and injured an officer.


Clark would go on to tweet on Sunday, confirming that her child, who now identifs as a female, was arrested and that she was confident in the legal process.


It was reported that when Clark’s child Jared ‘Riley’ Dowell, was arrested about 20 protesters circled officers in the street traffic came to a standstill and one officer was hit in the face. Dowell, however, was successfully arrested and charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon, destruction or injury of personal property, and damage of property by graffiti/tagging.

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19 thoughts on “ANTIFA Rioters Arrested – Atlanta’s Not Portland”

  1. ENOUGH OF THIS BS! This is NOT about protest but to STRICTLY destroy, cause chaos, and commit criminal activity. Stop follo g with these thugs and either put them in prison and throw away the key or shoot them on spot. No other country allows this garbage to occur!


  2. They should be arrested. The dead so-called “environmentalist” was one of yhose delusional crackheads.that fight for nothing, nothing at all. They do steal money and get high, that’s it. They are the dark side of democracy.

  3. Since it is known that George Soros is funding these domestic terrorists, why isn’t he being charged and convicted?

  4. They should be arrested, The dead so-called “environmrnentalist” was one of those crakheads that fight for nothing, nothing at all. They do steal money and get high. They are the black sheeps of democracy. See what they have done couple of years ago. Businesses were closed for good because of them.

  5. There a lot of lazy idiots that do not want to work so they steal burn destroy they should all be arrested and made to clean up ever thing they did then pay for what they stole and destroyed then put them in prison on manual labor for at least 5 years, If they assault any one shoot them like a wild animal .

    1. the Aztecs used human blood to irrigate their crops. Think green, donald (the socialist will approve)

  6. The backgrounds of those arrested should be made known. The mystery and secrecy of who exactly are the antifa criminals has been enabled by mainstream media. The seem to be, for the most part, children of wealth with time and money on their hands.

    Some Antifa support has been traced back to George Soros. Are other leftist billionaires involved?

    The violence, killing and destruction caused by these criminals must stop. Unmask them.

    1. under socialism in Amerika, these felons will still be allowed to vote. even after they are dead. I am in favor of them giving up the oxygen habit, just to make sure…. restore the republic. defund the GESTAPO

  7. Somebody really needs to proofread these articles. This particular article looks like it was written by someone with ADHD.

    I’m glad to see that the Antifa protesters were arrested. Now, try them and lock them up for as few years, if they are found guilty. Maybe Atlanta could be the example to other cities as to what to do.

    Especially lock up Congresswoman Clark’s child. Male or female, they should have a prison cell that fits the biology. Send the message that no one is above the law.

  8. I bet the parents of these young people, now known who they have become, domestic terrorists. Hope the parents didn’t waste their money on these young people for their college education. Heck, maybe they should sue the professors who taught or encouraged these Anifa terrorists.

  9. Way to go Atlanta police!!
    I just bet those young people didn’t expect to go do damage and not be penalized. They thought they get by with it and why are those people from other states down in Atlanta anyway vacationing I don’t think so!!

    Certainly hope the policeman who was injured is going to be OK!!

  10. Way to go Atlanta Police!
    My question, why are they all those out-of-state people in Atlanta? I bet those kids aren’t on vacation hoodlums hoodlums wonder what their parents think??
    They need to Pay for what they caused!!! Do the time for the crime!!

    Certainly hope the policeman who was seriously injured. will overcome his injuries soon we know our GOD does answer prayer..