BREAKING: Alex Baldwin CRIMINALLY Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter Of Halyna Hutchins

Previously, it was believed that Baldwin would not be facing criminal charges for his role in the killing of Halyna Hutchins. However, it was not confirmed that Alec Baldwin will be charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter in New Mexico, which could land Baldwin 18 months in prison if found guilty.

The shooting at the scene of the film “Rust” happened on October 21, 2021, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Joel Souza was injured as well in the shooting. Since the shooting, the armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, is being charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter, the same charges as Baldwin are facing. Dave Halls, the film’s assistant director, handed Alex Baldwin the fun, and Halls would go on to plead guilty to negligent use of a deadly weapon. As a result of his plea deal, Halls will be used as a witness for the state.

The set is alleged to be filled with negligence, including the armorer and producer of the film, and both of which are being charged as well. This largely explains why the armorer is currently being hit with the same charges as Baldwin. Live ammunition, which is not typically used on the set of a film, was alleged to have been on the set of the film since the start of filming. It’s been alleged that the film’s staff was careless with the fun since the start of filming, at times even choosing to practice target shooting in the same area at the film’s set.

Baldwin still maintains that he is not the one who pulled the trigger, as he said in his controversial interview with George Stephanopoulos.

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7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Alex Baldwin CRIMINALLY Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter Of Halyna Hutchins”

  1. I believe if Mr. Baldwin wouldn’t have been on a crusade against the rights of legal gun owners and took the time to get to know some he could have taken a gun safety course that would have prevented this horrific tragedy. If you put a gun in your hand and intend to pull the trigger it’s your responsibility to check the weapon regardless of who’s handled it before you did. The more safety precautions heeded the better for everyone on the set. Being able to distinguish between a live round and a dummy saves lives.

  2. FBI crime lab says the gun will not fire unless the trigger is pulled. Baldwin should enjoy his 18 months or if the jury finds more than co9mmon negligence a minimum of 5 years with fellow inmates.

  3. Guys take a little time to proof read and correct articles.I read this article and noticed that twice when mentioning the firearm used in the shooting you used the word”fun” not “gun” I have never known someone being killed by a : “fun” A gun yes but never a fun.

  4. Who writes and proof reads these articles?
    The sentence containing “it was not confirmed”, may “not” should have been “now”? And they seem to use the word “fun” where I believe they intended to use “gun”?

    1. most urineal-ist today are sissies, perverts or communist. Got the “position” for what they think/believe, not for their education or language skills. Sissies, perverts and communist have other skills. some for their skin color

  5. someone must have read a quote from Marxist Luther King this week. “justice delayed is justice denied”. Happy birthday to Robert e Lee. He was a man with character AND content. Loyal to his “free & several state